Printer is one of the most important and handy electronic devices. Which is mainly used for various printing tasks. Mostly all small, mid-sized and largest business people reply on this device to complete their printing needs. This is because printing machines permit businesses to print the documents easily to a useable format. HP is a well-known manufacturer of the printing devices and millions of users from all over the world.

HP Printer Services Providers-

Most of the HP printer provides trustworthy and satisfactory performance and they assist clients to print tons of the documents every day. Just like other electronic devices, HP printers are seriously encountered by many technical issues from time to time. HP printer not printing is an irritating issue that affects thousands of users. It may happen in the urgent times, so you should use best troubleshooting steps immediately. Many users don’t know how to perform these steps correctly. In such a critical situation, it is the best time to contact our HP Printer Offline Number +1-888-902-8333 and we will help you through the whole procedure. While using it, you can experience some kinds of technical issues unexpectedly.

How to resolve HP printer offline issues?

Paper Jamming Issues-

Paper jamming is one of the most annoying errors that affect the printing tasks. It occurs when printing materials get lodged or stuck into a printer. Users who face this printer issue will be unable to eject or eliminate the printing material. It means that the entire printing operations of your business will come to a standstill if you face paper jamming issues.

If you fail to clean and maintain your device daily or if you use a wrong type of paper, you may face this issue seriously. However, using the right paper type and appropriately cleaning your device at steady intervals will assist you to stay away from this irritating HP printer problem.

Printer Driver Errors-

Mostly users are experiencing driver errors due to an outdated printer driver. It indicates that updating the driver to the latest version may be very helpful to fix at least a few of HP printer issues. If you have updated the operating system of your computer to windows 10, you might not able to print the documents. This is because the printer driver, that you used in the older versions of windows are not supporting to the new OS. You must install the new printer driver updates available to resolve the issue.

If you are unable to search the new version of the driver or continue to face driver errors even after updating the driver, you should call at Printer Offline  with knowledgeable printer experts. Another part may be an incompatible software or malware infection, then it is better to leave it on the technicians to fix it rightly.


Ghosting is one of the common technical errors, which is irritating thousands of users from a long period. It is really a condition in which images get printed without any error. But the unsatisfactory part is that low-quality image or text from the main document may appear in the final output. These errors occur in the case of Laser Jet printers.

Actually, ghosting problems occur when there is an error with power port that provides the power to the device. Therefore, users who face this error must plug in the device to a different power source. You should reboot the computer system as well as the connected devices to see if that works properly. Still, if you continue to face this trouble.  You can get the best support from HP printer support number. We are available to get connected with printer experts. Online printer experts are very experienced to resolve all printing issues completely from the root.