Fix HP Printer out of Paper Error When it’s not

When you try to print an official document, any email or webpage or an important office paper through your HP printer, you can encounter a technical error message HP printer out of paper. This error is taking place, when you’ve inserted the papers into the tray. If you’re facing HP printer out of paper on a daily basis, you can follow below steps appropriately. In addition, you can take instant Printer Help from certified printer experts. Before troubleshooting it, you should know its main reasons exactly.


Main Reasons behind HP printer out of paper error

HP printer out of paper error appears on your computer system control panel settings due to some reasons such as printing machine prevents picking or feeding papers. It can also take place due to the outdated firmware. Dust collected on the rollers can be another reason for this error, HP printer out of paper. Often, when your HP printer reports that it is out of paper but actually, it is not. There are papers in the printer tray.  In such types of cases, there will be an issue on paper feeding. To solve this error, you can take online printer help from trained printer experts sitting round the clock.

Possible Methods to Fix HP Printer out of Paper Error

While printing process, you’re getting HP printer out of paper error message. It can occur due to some reasons. If you want to solve this error as soon as possible, you must follow the permanent methods to solve this error fully.

Method 1: Reset Your Printer

  1. You must disconnect the power cable from the rear of the printing machine without turning off your printer device.
  2. Wait for nearly 30 seconds and after that, you need to reconnect the power cable again to the rear of the printer device.
  3. Click on “Power’ option to turn on the printing device, if your printer did not switch on automatically.

Resting printer may solve HP printer out of paper easily. If not, you can go for next method.

Method 2: Check the quality of paper correctly and reload it

  1. Eliminate the paper stack from the printer input tray.
  2. You should use 25 sheets of fresh plain white A-4 sized paper to make a heap of paper.
  3. Next, you need to hit on the pile of the paper on the smooth surface.
  4. Load the pile paper in the paper tray correctly.
  5. Now try to print the documents again. You can print easily.

Still, if you’re facing this error, you can go for next step. You can take instant printer help from certified printer experts.

Method 3: Clean the rollers Perfectly

Dust, worn out paper pieces, paper string and other things could gather on the paper feed rollers, so paper feed problems occur. So, you must perform below process to clean the rollers in the printing machine.

  1. Click on “power” option to turn off the printer machine.
  2. Wait for a few seconds until the printer machine is idle and silent. Then, you must disconnect the power cable from the rear of the printing machine.
  3. Next, you need to open the access door appropriately.
  4. Search for bigger rubber pick rollers
  5. You should wet a clean and lint-free cloth with bottled water.
  6. Push the clean cloth against printer feed rollers and after rotate them all the way through with your hand fingers.
  7. If your printer machine has a duplexer, you must clean the rollers on the duplexer.
  8. Next, you must close the access door and replace the paper tray correctly. And you need to connect the power cable to the rear point of your printer device again. For any doubt, HP printer support team is available for you.
  9. Now click on ‘power’ option to turn on your printer device.
  10. The printer machine makes noise after the printer is turned on. You must wait for the noise to prevent before carrying on process.
  11. Finally, you try to print the documents through your HP printer. Thus, you can solve HP Printer out of paper

Method 4: Change the paper settings of printer

  1. Click on “File,” “Print” and “Properties” in the application that you’re using to print your file correctly.
  2. Tap on “Paper/Quality” button and choose the suitable paper type and size.
  3. In the last step, click on “OK” button and after that, you must click on “OK” option again to print the file or document appropriately.

Final Instructions from Experts

By performing all these steps, you can solve HP printer out of paper error completely from the root. All these instructions are very helpful for solving this error. Still, if you are experiencing this issue, you can take immediate printer help from online technical experts.

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