Professional Services For All Printers

Install And Reinstall Services

Get technicians assistance to install and uninstall printers' drivers and set them up easily anywhere in the world. We provide global assistance and help at every step to our clients. Also, get clear your doubts on the spot.

Download And Setup Services

We provide download, setup and software assistance for all printers. Whether it is downloading the drivers or setting up the software, we have experts with years of experience who offer dedicated support for printer.

Configure And Repair Services

Our certified technicians will help you configure the printer settings right and repair your printer effectively and efficiently. You can sit back on the couch and see our technicians doing the job online.

Full-Time Customer Services

Whatever the printer issue is, we are just a call away and if you are comfortable with live chat, we have that facility too. Our executive will listen to you patiently and recommend you the best solutions.

Remote Printer Service Provider

When it comes to providing remote printer assistance, PrinterSupportPro is the name that comes to their tongue. Until now, we have served thousands of clients globally and are serving with the same zeal and enthusiasm even today. Every client is premium for us and we ensure to provide them satisfactory printer customer service.

Common Issues of Printer Users Encounter

Undoubtedly, the printer is a spectacular invention but like other machines, it is also prone to some errors and issues, both technical and non-technical. While some errors appear simple, they are practically typical to deal with. Though, the issues are not limited to those mentioned here.

Our Services


Driver Setup & Installation

Driver installation is essential to connect the system with an electronic device like a printer. These drivers are the link codes between the system and the devices, which send commands from the user to the printer.

It ensures smooth delivery of printing activity and thus should be regularly updated with the latest updates available.

You can update the drivers following the procedure mentioned here:

Window key >> device manager >> select printer from available devices >> right-click and click on Update Driver software >> select search automatically for updates >> follow on-screen instructions >> restart once done.

However, if you find it difficult at any step or get stuck with updates, reach out to us. Our professionals are always ready to handle these complex issues. Besides that, you can contact us for printer driver support and other issues related to printers like printer offline fix, or unable to find drivers, etc.


Wi-Fi Setup & Connectivity

To enjoy seamless connectivity, a wireless printer is the best option. Many companies and organizations are opting for wireless or wifi printers to experience better performance and unlimited connectivity. Wireless printers provide you with features like portability, accessibility, and printing feasibility. It allows you to connect with your system without wires over a wi-fi network. This gets you out of the cord handling issue.

Setting up the printer over a wi-fi network is easy but sometimes technical and unpredictable issues like poor network or WPS related issues occur. To maintain the pace of working, we help clients resolve such issues and printing errors. Further, we also provide wi-fi setup and connectivity printer services so that you can enjoy its benefits as follows:

  • Effective networking
  • Portability
  • Printing over wifi or the internet
  • Multi-functional printer

Printer Is offline

One of the major issues users come across is that the printer is offline. There is nothing more problematic than this error because it hampers your work and productivity.

Basic Connections Check Services

At times, basic connections can cause an offline error. Our team will help you rectify and provide instruction while checking on the basic connections.

Resolving Issues With Printer Commands

We have printer specialists who work on command errors. You will get dedicated assistance throughout the process.

Remove And Reinstall Printer Machine

It requires some technical expertise. Let our experts handle the process of removing and reinstalling the printer machine.

Diagnose Offline Command Error

Some errors are not exposed to you, they need to be diagnosed to resolve quickly and effectively.

Printer in Error State

Is your printer in error state? Then, the error is within the printer. Another cause for a printer being in an error state is when the process of printing is blocked due to a system issue. The causes may vary from port settings to incompatible drivers. We will help you with:

Change Port Settings

Port settings can have an unexpected impact on your printing process. That is why we offer printer setting services related to the printer’s port settings.

Get The Printer Online

There are several methods to get the printer online and eliminate the printer in error state issue, but if you are unable to bring the printer online, our technicians will help you out.

Reinstall Printer Drivers

The error state can occur due to incompatible printer drivers with the operating system. In that case, reinstalling the printer drivers is crucial. Feel free to take expert help wherever you are stuck.

Tweak Print Spooler Settings

Spoiler settings can be easily found in the printer’s settings; however, if you struggle to get done with it and are stuck in the middle of the process, our certified experts are here to help you.

Printer Services for Customers ease

We provide all necessary facilities and services that customers seek from their printer service providers.


Available 24x7x365 Days A Year

Irrespective of date and time, we provide our clients with round the clock printer customer service. We provide
them the best printer service


Safe, Secure And Easy Handling

Rest assured of the delivery of our services. We provide a robust platform that provides your data safety and security. We also keep an eye on spammers who interrupt the network.


Real-Time Printer Help

Our business has been built on trust and customer satisfaction Our business has been built on trust and customer satisfaction satisfaction


Globally Available Printer Help

We provide global printer technical support to our clients. We are accessible throughout the globe. You can contact us anytime and get the best printer help online.


100% Customer-Centric Services

Our team is passionate about helping clients and ensuring that they receive satisfactory printer services. Our approach is 100% customer-centric and we strive to deliver the best services.


Free Consultation Service

If you're not sure about printer services yet, you can try a free consultation from our printer specialists and experts. You can also get your other printer-related queries resolved from them.

Why You Need Printer Support Service

Printers are a basic necessity for almost everyone on the planet. Count to office, businesses, or home usages, several activities are dependent on printers. Not a single gone, that bunch of papers inked with important agreements, documents, terms and conditions, and kids' daily assignments.

As a result, a myriad of issues appears and catering to your printer’s health is solely your responsibility. You should ensure that they are going into professionals’ hands or we recommend you to join hands with us. We will do the needful and you rest assured of your printer and our client-centric services.

Why Choose Us For Printer Help

It starts with us being online. We want to ensure that no user struggles with printer and printer errors. We have a dedicated team that strives to assist printer users globally. Our team of printer specialists, experts, certified technicians, and customer executives never sleep to be available for users whenever they need. Just dial our printer support phone number to connect.replica watch

We have a robust procedure even for the team. All our printer technicians have been tested before assigning on the board. In addition, we provide them with advanced training and so our team stays advanced with printer solutions. They provide quick response and service and have the expertise to handle any kind of printer issue. We are admired by our previous clients for our work style and high-performing services.

We Provide Service For All Printers

We provide printer services for all printers including these brands- Dell, HP, Canon, Epson, Lenovo, and Brother’s. But, if you own anything other than these, worry not! Our printer specialists have experience and expertise with all printers, you just name it.

HP Printer

HP Printer

Canon Printer

Canon Printer

Epson Printer

Epson Printer

Brother Printer

Brother Printer

Dell Printer

Dell Printer

Lenovo Printer

Lenovo Printer

Frequently Asked Questions

To view the printing history, select the Job Log (under the user's details page). To view the latest jobs printed, go to the printer's details page and select Job Log.
Go to Control Panel >> View Devices and Printers >> right-click on the printer you want to remove >> select Remove.
Head to the search bar and search for the control panel. Then select Devices and Printers. From here find your printer and right-click on it to select “See what’s printing.” A new window will open. At the top, select Printer from the menu bar. Finally select “USe Printer Online” to change the printer status.
Generally, new printers are added automatically to the system. To add a printer manually, go to PC settings >> Devices >>Printers & Scammers >> Add a printer or scanner. Choose the printer and select Add devices.
To connect with our printer help services, you can call us on the number given on the website, send a mail or live chat with our customer support executives available 24/7.
Here are some DIY: Ensure that your printer is turned on. Then check if the printer is connected to the internet or not. If not, then connect and check. Next, check the internet speed, if there is any obstacle between the router and the printer, remove it.