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Epson printers usually give a great printing performance. However, similar to other brands of printers, printing problems are common in it. Many users, especially those using Windows 10, 8.1, 8, and 7, generally complain about the Epson printer offline problem. Well, this issue has a host of different reasons behind it.

But the great news is that there are plenty of troubleshooting methods to follow, and bring your Epson printer online. In this article, you'll find some common causes for your printer going offline and how to fix them.


What Makes Your Epson Printer Offline?

There are many reasons that make your Epson printer go offline. Knowing about them will help you to take the right corrective measures.

  • There is a connectivity issue between your printer and PC.
  • There's a hardware or software-related problem that's preventing the printer from communicating with your PC.
  • If the spooler service is slow or has stopped, then also your printer will go offline.
  • Misconfigured printer settings.
  • Obsolete Epson printer drivers.

Points to Check for Troubleshooting Epson Printer Offline Issue

Before progressing to troubleshooting, you must check certain things. Checking them beforehand will ensure you face no problem in implementing the fixes.

  • Ensure that your printer is properly linked to the>
  • See that your printing machine is switched on.
  • Now, go to the settings of the printing machine to see the network to which it's linked.
  • Ensure that your printer isn't in the offline mode. You can do this by navigating to the 'Printers and Scanner' option in your computer system settings.
  • Ensure that you have the latest driver on your printer.
  • Check the Epson printer settings and correct them to get a smooth printing operation.
  • Take away all devices or objects lying between your Wi-Fi router and printer. They obstruct the Wi-Fi signal from reaching the printer.

How to Resolve the Epson Printer Offline on Windows 8 and 8.1

One of the best methods to bring your Epson printer back online on Windows 8 and 8.1 is to reinstall the product software. The process for doing so is very simple. Just follow these stepwise instructions.

  • Navigate to the 'Control Panel' and choose 'Setup.'
  • Now tap 'Restore default settings' followed by 'Network settings.'
  • Then press 'Yes.'
  • Click 'OK' and switch off your Epson printer.
  • Now navigate to the app screen.
  • Launch the 'Control Panel' and tap on 'Programs.'
  • Open 'Programs and features' and uninstall your Epson product software by choosing 'Uninstall.'
  • You should also uninstall the related software applications like event manager and Epson Scan.
  • Now turn off and turn on your router.
  • Download all the Epson printer-related software and install the file by following the instructions on the screen.
  • Choose the 'Wireless Connection' and 'Connection Screen.'
  • Now hit 'Next.'
  • Select 'Setup Printer for the first time' from the 'Select Setup Option' screen.
  • Opt for the method for 'Wireless Network Setup' and follow the instructions.

How to Fix Epson Printer Offline on Windows 10?

Windows 10 users commonly face this problem with their printing machines. Fortunately, there are many ways to resolve it.

1. Uncheck the option of Use Printer Offline

It is one of the first things you should do when facing this issue. Uncheck the Use printer offline option by following these steps.

  • Reboot your Epson printer.
  • Ensure that the printer is plugged into the system.
  • Sign in to your system through a local administrator account.
  • Navigate to the 'Start' menu and launch the Run dialog box. Here input control panel.
  • Tap 'Devices and Printers.' Now, from the printer's list, right-tap on your printer and choose 'See what's printing.'
  • Your Epson printer is now set online.

2. Fix the spooler service

If the spooler service stops, you may face the Epson printer offline' on Windows 10 message. To resolve this problem, follow these steps.

  • Head over to the Run box and input' services.msc.'
  • Now tap 'OK.'
  • In the service window, navigate to the 'Print Spooler' option. Check whether its status is displayed as 'Running.'
  • If it's not, right-tap on 'Print Spooler' and tap 'Start' to begin this service.
  • Exit this window and see if your Epson printer is online or not.

3. Update or reinstall the drivers

Corrupt printer drivers often make Epson printers go offline. You can easily resolve the problem by updating or reinstalling the drivers.

  • Go to the 'Control Panel.'
  • Now open the option 'Add or remove program' and right-tap on your printer driver.
  • Next, tap 'Uninstall' from the popup. It will remove the corrupt Epson printer driver.
  • Head back to 'Devices and Printers' and tap 'Add Printer.'
  • In the following window, tap 'Add a network, wireless, or Bluetooth printer.'
  • Install the compatible software in your system.
  • Lastly, restart your computer.

4. Clear printer jobs

Is your print queue stuck? If so, you'll definitely find your Epson printer showing the offline message. Follow these steps to clear the print jobs.

  • Launch the 'Run' box and input 'Services.msc.' Hit 'Enter.'
  • Point the cursor to the spooler and right-tap to launch 'Properties.'
  • Tap 'Stop' followed by 'OK.'
  • Launch the 'File Explorer' and input the following message on the address bar '%windir%\System32\spool\PRINTERS'
  • Choose all the files that you see in the printer folder and remove or delete them.
  • Navigate again to the spooler properties and hit 'Start.'
  • Next, hit 'OK' and restart your computer. The print job will be removed, and your printer will come back online.

How to Fix Epson Printer Offline on Mac?

Mac users also find their Epson printer going offline or not printing. Like Windows, you can also implement a couple of troubleshooting techniques for your offline printer problem on Mac.

1. Reset print settings

Your printing gets affected if you don't have a good internet connection. Upon seeing the offline status on your Mac, you must reset the print settings.

  • Tap the Apple menu and choose 'System Preferences.'
  • Point the cursor to the spooler and right-tap to launch 'Properties.'
  • Tap 'Stop' followed by 'OK.'
  • Go to the 'Printer and Scanner' section.
  • Right-tap on your Epson printer in the new window.
  • Tap 'Reset printing system.'
  • Give the username and the password for your Mac and choose 'OK.'
  • When you see the printer list, tap the '+' icon to add your Epson printer.

2. Eliminate additional printer

If you added your Epson printer numerous times on your Mac, you'd see the Epson printer offline status. You should remove the extra printer by following these steps.

  • Go to the Apple menu. Choose 'System Preferences.'
  • Now, choose 'Printers and Scanners.'
  • In its section, locate the printer list.
  • Look for the extra printer that's added to your Mac
  • Tap this extra printer and hit the '-' sign.
  • Check that the 'Idle Printer' status is set to 'Default printer.'
  • Now start your Epson printer.

Final Thoughts

The Epson printer offline message won't worry you now. This exhaustive guide will provide you with the needed assistance when your printer goes offline. Windows 10, 8, 8.1, and Mac users can effectively troubleshoot the printer offline problem by following the different fixes outlined here. You can also connect with expert Epson printer technical support services for advanced troubleshooting assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

To reconnect your Epson printer to your computer, you must install the Epson Connect Printer Setup Utility. Follow these steps to reconnect your printer to the computer.

  • Download the utility and install it.
  • Now choose your product and tap 'Next.'
  • Opt for 'Printer Registration' and tap 'Next.'
  • Choose 'Agree' followed by 'Next.'
  • Tap 'OK' on seeing the 'Register a printer to Epson Connect' message.
  • If you have to make a new account, complete the 'Create an Epson Connect Account' form. If you need to register a product with your account, choose 'I already have an account and fill the form to add a new printer.' Afterward, click 'Add.'
  • Hit ' Close.'

Epson XP 310 printer becomes offline due to obsolete or outdated drivers. So, try reinstalling the printer drivers on your system. You can also delete the drivers and packages and then install them.

To resolve the offline status on this Epson printer model, you must ensure that you have not selected the 'Use Printer offline' option. Apart from that, enabling the Spooler service will also help you to fix the issue.

You will find the printer offline when your printer cannot communicate with your system, or there's an incorrect setting. This problem is mainly because of the printer's connection to your computer. You must check if your printer is turned on and that there's adequate paper in the tray. Ensure that your printer is linked to a power source. If you are linked by cable, check it in all the ports on your system. Also, inspect your network connection. It should be working properly.

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