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Epson Printers have always been the preferred choice of the customers for their home and office use. People can easily use this printer without difficulty as it is simple to use and there are minimum complexities involved with their functioning. They are very user friendly and can be handled even by the kids also. Along with these amazing features, Epson printers are cost effective too. Epson printers have all the characteristics of Japanese dedication to perfection. However, despite have amazing user friendliness and other technical advantages, users can still face some glitches while operating Epson Printers. One most common issue is Epson Printer Offline and it is hard to deal with such hurdle by the own. That’s why; the experts here are available round the clock to help you in all technical issues. You will be provided immediate assistance either through phone support service or via remote access of your device. The remedy will be 100% trustworthy and cost-effective.

People generally ask- Why Is My Epson Printer Offline? How To Fix It?

There are several possibilities behind this issue. What are those are mentioned below. Hence, stick your eyes here:

  • Outdated Driver: If the user is asking, “Why Does My Epson Printer Get Offline?” the answer would be because of using an outdated version of printer driver. The Epson printer starts causing issues if the printer does not have the latest version of driver. Users can update their drivers effortlessly by using the manufacturer’s website. Hence, you can see that when you have an outdated version of the driver, the printer can start causing this offline type of issue.
  • USB Connectivity: The Epson printer offline problem can be caused due to the reason of poor USB connectivity. Loose wiring in the USB connection may make the printer go offline. So, check the connectivity wire and adjust it properly as only then offline printer gets online. Moreover, you can contact Epson Printer Support team for reliable assistance.
  • Poor Internet Connection: An offline printer message can occur due to low range of internet connection. So, if the printer is offline because of this network connection, users have to assure that there is good signal strength connectivity or simply restart the router. The Epson printer support is helpful and responsive when it comes to resolving this issue. They can offer top-notch support and fruitful information that a user might be wandering for. All the answers to the question, “Why My Epson Printer gets Offline?” can be found at Epson Printer helpline center.

How To Easily Fix Epson Printer Offline For Windows 10?

Epson is a Japanese company and it is being used by the number of people just because of having an ultimate features and functioning easy. The most common issue Epson Printer Says Offline reported by numerous Epson printer users. The printer offline status error shows on your screen means that there is something wrong with the communication between your computer and printer. The tech-savvy person who are available at Epson Printer Support have examined deeply about the occurrence of this issue. They have mentioned the remedy here so that by following those points users can bring their offline Epson printer to online.

Steps To Easily Fix Epson Printer Offline For Windows 10

  • Turn Off the ‘Use Printer Offline’ in Windows 10
  • Press and hold ‘Windows + R’ keys simultaneously to launch the Run dialog box
  • Open Control Panel and click on ‘Devices and Printers’
  • Right-clicking on Epson printer to open the printer
  • Now, make sure that there is an uncheck mark of the option ‘Use Printer Offline’. Disable it if it has a selection
  • Click on the option to configure the printer

However, users can also choose the reinstallation procedure to eradicate this issue. Reinstall the Epson Printer in Windows 10 by following these steps.

  • Press and hold Windows and R to launch ‘Run’
  • Enter ‘msc’ in run box and press enter
  • Uninstall the Epson printer by clicking right on Device Manager Window
  • Open ‘Devices and Printers’ and click on Add a Printer
  • Click ‘Add a network’ in the next dialog box
  • Add the driver software in Windows 10 depending on the Epson printer type
  • After that restart your PC

Epson Printer Offline For Windows 10

These steps may give your assurance that the Epson printer offline windows issue is fixed.

Why Does My Epson Printer Say Offline? How Can It Be Fixed?

People even cannot understand the reason behind their printer going offline. They might are wandering for knowing the reasons and its solutions. So, here we are going to discuss about it in detail. You only have to keep your ryes feast on the below points:

  • Using an Outdated Driver: Yes, if any of the users is using an outdated version of printer driver, such an offline issue will be occurred. To make that offline printer into online, users have to update the latest version of printer driver. They can do it by simply uninstall the previous one and install it again from the manufacturer’s website.
  • Poor Network Connection If there is a low or weak internet connection, the possibility of appearing this issue is sure. So, make sure there is a good signal and the network connection is highly strong.
  • USB Cable Is Connected Properly Yes! One more come reason is low wire connection established between your computer and Epson Printer. Therefore, check the wire whether it is connected appropriately or not. If it is not properly connected, then make it and then try to print.

What Are The Possible Steps Of ‘Epson Printer Is Offline’ Issue?

Here are the steps of your query, “Epson Printer Is Offline’. As we have discussed above the reasons of occurring this and noted below the answer of this query. Hence, glance at once:

  • Open Devices and Printers on the computer
  • Right click on the printer option and select the ‘Properties’
  • Open the Ports tab
  • If the printer uses a USB connection, then make sure that the port name includes USB
  • Make sure that the port name or description includes WSD in case the printer uses a network connection
  • The printer driver must be updated
  • If the driver is not updated, uninstall and reinstall it again
  • Reboot your computer system and check the error message
  • If the printer is yet set to offline or sleep mode, turn it off and restart the printer
  • Reset the printer if the similar issue persists

The steps can help ensuring that the Epson printer offline fixed. Users can set up a new connection to ensure the problem is annihilated. If still the same issue is appearing, then contact Epson customer support team who can provide assistance with reliability and effectivity. The experts are available all day all night. Their aim is to help people in exterminating Epson printer offline issue with stepwise guide.


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