Brother Printer Offline Mac? Use These Resolutions

One of the best-known printer brands in the market is Brother. The printing devices of this brand are known for giving quality output most of the time. They also offer a range of features that make printing and scanning very convenient. But irrespective of the printer model you own, you will find it showing an offline status at some point in time. Brother printer offline Mac is a common problem that Mac users face. As a result, it becomes impossible to print documents. So, in this article, you’ll read about the reasons and resolutions for this offline problem.


Brother printer offline mac


What Causes Brother Printer Offline Mac?

It’s common for Brother printers to go offline on Mac. Before you implement a troubleshooting plan, it would be wise to read about the reasons for your printer going offline.

  • Your printer isn’t receiving enough power supply.
  • The printer is not switched on.
  • Common printing errors.
  • Your Brother printer isn’t linked to a network.
  • The printer’s firmware is not updated.
  • Your printer is not set as default.
  • The Brother printer status is offline.
  • Your Brother printer driver is incorrect.


Basic Troubleshooting for Brother Printer Offline Mac?

You can follow simple troubleshooting on first finding that your Brother printer is offline on Mac. The steps for it are as follows:

  • Begin by inspecting your Brother printer’s cable connections. Also, examine the connections of your system and network router.
  • Ensure that every cable is appropriately linked with the printing device. The printer should be on.
  • Inspect for any paper jams in the printer’s paper tray.
  • Ensure that the paper is aligned correctly.
  • Reset the connection with Mac and check for any available updates.
  • Now, choose ‘Device choices‘ from the menu.
  • Now, hit ‘Print & Test.’
  • Choose a document you wish to print.


Resolutions for Brother Printer Offline Mac?

Suppose even after implementing the basic troubleshooting mentioned above, you still find your Brother printer is offline Mac. In that case, you can read about the following fixes. Understand them and implement them carefully.


Verify that printer is connected to Mac

Your printing device must be properly linked to Mac. Here are the steps you should follow to verify the connection.

  • Check that the cable is properly attached to the printer and your system for USB connection. There should be no hub.
  • For the ethernet connection, see that the printer is linked to the printer and your router. Additionally, check the IP address by printing a network configuration page.
  • For the wireless connection, find the IP address by taking a network configuration page.


Reset your printing device

Resetting the printer is another effective fix for the Brother printer offline on Mac problem. But before you reset the printer, make sure that it is inactive.

  • After switching on the printer, unplug the main power cord.
  • After that, wait for some time.
  • Now link the power cord of your printer to the socket.
  • Next, connect the cable to your Brother printer again.
  • Now hit the power button. It will start the printer.
  • That is how you reset your printer. You can try printing a document using it.


Check the status of your printer.

If the status of your printer is set to pause, it will show offline on Mc. Another case when the brother printer offline is shown ,that means it does not have enough paper or is asleep. Here’s how you can get it online again.

  • Tap the icon of Brother printer.
  • Tap the ‘Open print queue‘ option.
  • See the printer status on the menu bar.
  • Next, tap ‘Resume‘ to continue printing.


Set your printer as the default

Do you have numerous printers added to the Wi-Fi network? If so, you need to ensure that you are setting Brother printer as default. Changing printer preferences will help you fix the Brother printer offline Mac issue.

  • Head over to the Apple menu, and tap ‘System Preferences.’
  • Launch ‘Printers and Scanners.’
  • See that you have set your Brother printer as default. If you haven’t, choose the ‘Set as Default’ option.

After you set your printer as default, your Mac will only communicate with this Brother when you give a printing command.


Reconfigure the Mac printing system

On noticing that your Brother printer is offline on Mac, you may need to modify the printing setting. To reset the settings in Mac, follow these points.

  • Head over to ‘System Preferences.’
  • Now go to ‘Printers and Scanners.’
  • You will notice your printer’s name on the left panel.
  • Right-tap at any area in the panel.
  • Next, choose the option of ‘Reset Printing System.’ This action will remove all the installed printers and corresponding drivers from your PC.
  • Lastly, reinstall the printer.


Update the printer driver

If you do not update your printer river regularly, you’ll encounter many glitches in your Brother printer. You can resolve a lot of driver problems by updating the printer driver. Follow these steps to download the driver updates and fix the Brother printer offline Mac issue.

  • Go to the official Brother printer website.
  • Look for the model number of your Brother device.
  • Click the ‘Search‘ button and browse your printer.
  • Now tap ‘Downloads.’
  • Choose Mac in the dialog box of downloading.
  • Tap your version of Mac OS and click ‘Search.’
  • Navigate to the driver’s dialog box and click ‘Printer Driver.’
  • Click the ‘Agree to EULA and download.’
  • Now, wait for some time till the download process ends.
  • Head over to the default download location.
  • Double-click the file that’s downloaded to open it.
  • Follow all the steps on your screen to install the driver.


Clear all print jobs.

You can also bring the Brother printer online by removing every print job. Do it by following these steps.

  • Launch the Apple menu and tap ‘System Preferences.’
  • Tap ‘Scan and Print‘ and choose your Brother printer.
  • Now, tap ‘Open print queue,’ and eliminate all the print jobs after selecting them.


Final Thoughts 

Follow all these resolutions on finding your Brother printer offline Mac. First, use the basic troubleshooting methods. If they don’t work, use the fixes described in detail. Your printer will undoubtedly come back online on Mac. You can also connect with expert Brother printer technical support services if you can’t fix this offline problem yourself.

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