Where Can You Find the WPS PIN Canon Printer? Methods to Know

Canon printers are renowned for their efficient and quality printing. Today you can wirelessly connect your computer to the Canon printer. But for it, you must know about the Wi-Fi protected setup or WPS PIN Canon printer. It is the quickest way of connecting your printer to a wireless router or access point. However, many people feel clueless when it comes to finding the WPS PIN on their Canon printer model.

You can access the WPS settings via the setup or by pushing its button on your printing system. In this article, you’ll find about WPS PIN on a Canon printer in detail, as well as ways to access it.


WPS pin canon printer


What Is WPS PIN Canon Printer?

Canon printer WPS PIN model is one of the highly efficient and economical models. It has a portable, and sleek design, and the printer performs high-speed printing. Wi-Fi protected setup is a method to establish a good connection between the router and the printer.

Through the wireless PIN technology, the user can print documents irrespective of their location. If you have bought a new printing device or have lost connection with your printer, you’ll require WPS PIN for Canon printer to link the router with the printer. WPS PIN refers to a code that helps in making a connection to your device. This PIN is a mix of an eight-digit code.


Where Is the WPS PIN on My Canon Printer?

You can set up the WPS connection in two ways. The first way is by utilizing the Push button, while the other option is to use the PIN setup. You can find detailed instructions on both these methods below.


1. Finding WPS PIN via the Push method

It’s not difficult to locate WPS PIN on the Canon printing device through this method. Plugin your printer into a power source and adhere to these steps.

⦁ Go to the ‘Control Panel’ of the printing device.
⦁ Now hit the ‘Wireless’ button.
⦁ Head over to the ‘Settings’ option.
⦁ Next, choose ‘Wi-Fi Protected Setup’ from there.
⦁ After that, follow all the guidelines that you find on the printer display.
⦁ You will find a PIN on the screen. Click on it.
⦁ Now you will notice a WPS PIN. That is the PIN you want.
⦁ You have successfully found the WPS PIN on Canon printer.


2. Finding WPS PIN via the PIN setup

You can also make a connection to your printing device using a WPS PIN. Follow this method if your Canon printing device permits you to link the router via a WPS PIN.

⦁ Go to your printer’s Control Panel, and hit the ‘Setup’ button.
⦁ You’ll view a ‘Wi-Fi Setup’ option in the Setup menu. Here, tap ‘OK.’
⦁ A Personal Identification Setup option will get displayed on the screen, and you must select it.
⦁ Abide by the details on the control panel. If you get asked to input the WPS PIN, it will display while adding the printer to Windows 10.
⦁ Go to the Control Panel. You can obtain the WPS PIN for Canon printer from the page that gets printed. Note that the password set is valid for just 90 seconds in many Canon printer models.
⦁ Follow all the instructions on your control panel.
⦁ Your printer will generate a unique PIN, which will be transmitted to the setup screen of your wireless router.
⦁ Type the PIN code on the router, and your Canon printing device will start trying to connect to the network. This process will get completed in a few minutes, and you’ll establish a connection to the printer through the WPS PIN.


Troubleshooting Problems in Making Wireless Connection for Canon Printer

Many people encounter problems in making a wireless connection for their Canon printer. You may find your Canon printer not connecting to the wireless connection. It does not sync, but you can still troubleshoot the problem of canon printer not printing. Here are some reasons that stop Canon printers from making a connection to the wireless network.

⦁ The connection between your network and Conon printer is lost.
⦁ Your printer is plugged off.
⦁ Your PC and printer are not synced to a single network.
⦁ Your printer driver is not connected to the right port on the system.

To resolve the connection issues, you can follow the troubleshooting techniques given below.

⦁ Resolve the connection problem between the network and printer by powering both these components. Then, wait for around 10 seconds before powering them again.
⦁ Ensure that your printer is powered on. Even if you have plugged in the printer, but it isn’t powered on, it will not receive the wireless signal.
⦁ Ensure that your PC and the wireless printer are on the same network. Don’t sync them to different networks, as it will not allow them to find each other.
⦁ Connect your printer driver to the correct port on your computer system. It will help you avoid connectivity issues.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


1. Where is WPS PIN Canon printer Pixma?


To find the WPS PIN on the Canon Pixma printer
⦁ Hit the ‘Setup’ button.
⦁ You will find the ‘Wi-Fi Setup’ option in the Setup menu.
⦁ Hit the right arrow button for ‘Other’ setup to appear.
⦁ Hit the right arrow button for WPS (PIN code) to appear.
⦁ You’ll see a PIN code on your screen.
⦁ Hit ‘OK’ after the printer is connected.

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2. Where can I locate the WPS PIN on my Canon Mg2900?

To find WPS PIN on this Canon model, hold the ‘Stop’ button on the device till you see the alarm lamp flashing fifteen times. Then release the button. You will find the wireless connection setting data, including the PIN, getting printed.


3. Where is the WPS PIN on my Canon printer ts3300?

To find the WPS PIN, load two A4 sheets of plain paper. Now hit the ‘Information’ button on your device. You will find the network configuration page with a pin code getting printed.


4. Are WPS PIN and Wi-Fi password the same?

WPS sends the Wi-Fi network password, which your device stores for future use. Some devices having WPS support but not a WPS button will produce a client PIN. Input it into your router, and the router will utilize it for adding the device to the Wi-Fi network.


Final Words

Now you can easily find the WPS PIN Canon printer and enable your printer to connect with a network. There are two ways to accomplish this process. The first is to use the Push button, and the second using the PIN setup. Although it’s easy to find the PIN on your printer, don’t worry if you cannot find it. Just connect with professional Brother printer support services. They will help you in finding the WPS PIN.

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