Troubleshoot Canon Printer Offline Mac Like an Expert

The brand Canon produces some of the best printers in the market. However, the machines still aren’t guaranteed to perform all the time flawlessly. Many users complain of Canon printer offline Mac issues when trying to print. You may find the printer is an offline message on the screen even though it is online. Many people remove and insert the printer again but still find the problem unresolved. They also restart both Mac and printer but don’t get the results they want. 

 If you, too, face this issue, keep in mind that it’s a result of various causes. In this article, you’ll find what is making your Canon printer offline on Mac and the troubleshooting to follow. 


canon printer offline mac


Why Is My Canon Printer Offline Mac?

The offline message in the Canon printer occurs because of a disconnection between the Mac and printer. Below are the most common reasons you find yourself dealing with this problem. 


  • You have changed your router’s password. 
  • There’s an unstable connection between your printer and Mac. 
  • Your Canon printer drivers are out-of-date. 
  • Third-party software is clashing with your printer drivers. 
  • The Canon printer is not linked to the wireless network.
  • Your printer software files are corrupt. 


Troubleshooting the Canon Printer Offline Mac Problem

Some simple troubleshooting methods are all you need when your Canon printer says offline Mac. Before using the techniques, perform a primary troubleshooting sequence. If it doesn’t work, use the different measures one by one till your printer comes back online. 


1. Troubleshooting methods to fix Canon printer offline problem on Mac

You should execute these basic methods one after another. If they work out, you don’t need to implement other fixes.


  • Check if there are any loose wires and that your printer is powered.
  • Next, check for any paper jam problems. See that your printer has sufficient paper and that they are aligned correctly.
  • If you notice low ink showing on your printer, replace the ink cartridges.
  • Install available software updates.
  • Restart your Mac.


2. Take a close look at the connections

You must first confirm if your Canon printer is linked to your system on noticing this problem. It means examining the wired and wireless connection.


i) Inspecting wired (USB) connection

  • Firstly, check if the USB cable is firmly placed in the printer and the USB ports.
  • Now switch off the Canon printer and your Mac.
  • Disconnect the printer from Mac by removing the USB.
  • Restart Mac and turn on Canon printer.
  • Link both of them via a USB connection.
  • Check that the USB is securely attached to the ports.


ii) Inspecting the wireless connection

  • Switch the power supply off and on to restart the router.
  • Now restart your Mac.
  • Wait till the connection of the router steadies.
  • Allow the Mac to reboot. When the Mac is running, tap the Apple symbol.
  • Select the ‘System Preferences ‘ and then the ‘Printers and Scanners’ tab.
  • If you can select your printer from the device list, it means your printer is connected and online.


3. Fix the wireless printer connectivity problem

Wireless printer connectivity issues are one of the significant causes for noticing Canon printer offline Mac. Follow these points to reconnect your printer to Wi-Fi. Keep in mind that the steps can differ for different Canon printer models. Canon mx920, Canon mg2900, Canon mx922, and Canon mg3600 users can follow these points.


  • Firstly, head over to the ‘Settings‘ of your printing device.
  • Next, ‘Forget‘ the router’s connection.
  • After that, reconnect the router to a wireless network. To do it, press and hold the ‘Wi-Fi‘ button.
  • Keep pressing and holding the button till the light begins to blink.
  • After the light starts blinking, press the ‘WPS’ button.
  • You must check that the ‘WPS’ button blinks blue light constantly. It implies that it’s looking for available networks.
  • When the WPS finds and connects to a network, the light will not blink. Instead, it will stay steady.
  • After following these steps, your Canon printer will come online. You can start printing from it.


4. Remove other connected printers

Suppose there are multiple printers connected to your machine. In that case, you will inevitably notice the Canon printer is offline Mac error message. So, you must remove the other connected printers. Follow these steps to do it.


  • In the ‘Printer & Scanner’ window, register your Canon printer and scanner.
  • Remove other printers for some time and delete the icons related to your selected printer.
  • Set your printer to the default setting.
  • Now your Canon printer will come online.


5. Remove the printer and add it back.

It may be possible that you find your Canon printer showing offline Mac after you have changed the settings. Another reason for the canon printer offline is that you’ve recently updated your Mac or installed a new application. All these things can impact the earlier settings. To resolve it, it is better to remove the printer and add it again. You can do so with these steps.


  • Delete your printer by going to ‘Printer & Scanner.’
  • To add the printer, tap the ‘+’ button. 
  • Now, select the printer you want to add. 
  • Upon adding, the printer will come on the list. 
  • Now, you can give the printing command. 


6. Reset your Apple printing system

Sometimes, the offline issue can arise due to network settings. So, you need to reset your Apple printing system to make your printer come back online. Follow these steps to reset your Apple printing system. 


  • Navigate to the Apple menu, and choose ‘System Preferences.’
  • Now, go to the section of ‘Printer & Scanner.’
  • From here, select ‘Reset printing system.’
  • Now, you need to input the username and password. 
  • Wait for some time till the printer list resets. 
  • Lastly, remove the printer and add it back. 


Final Words

Seeing the Canon printer offline Mac error can be quite troubling for regular printer users. Moreover, many people are clueless when they need to deal with this problem. But after reading this article, you can take charge of the situation and bring back your Canon printer online on Mac. Contact expert Canon printer support services if you don’t have time to troubleshoot yourself or cannot follow the instructions.

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