HP printer offline error is not an uncommon technical glitch for All PC users. It may be hard to resolve, especially the first time that it displays. If your HP printer shows this issue at the time of completing the task, you should follow few expert tips to fix this issue immediately. Here, online expert tips are very important to fix HP printer offline number 1-888-902-8333 problems. So, you need to follow few important troubleshooting steps given here.

Verify the connectivity with HP Print & Scan Doctor-

In the windows 10 & 8, you can use and download a particular software called HP Print and scan doctor that deals with a lot of issues comprising printer offline situations.

You should download the installer file.

Open exe file in the download folder.

After the program opens for the first time, hit “start” button and select your device from the list displayed. If it is not there, you should turn off it and come back on again, then hit “retry” button. If the connection is faulty in some way, you should follow the steps displayed on the screen.

Hit “Fix” printing.

Finally, you should continue to the next step HP printer offline issue continues.

Resetting Printer Environment-

The aim of this is to restore the connection between the system and printer, so you must follow the steps given below-

Firstly, you need to turn off the device and wait for ten seconds. After that, remove the power able.

Turn off the device.

Plug the power cable back into the printing device and wait for some times to power on automatically. If not, turn on it manually.

If the device connects through wireless, you will require to restart the browser.

After that, disconnect the power cable and wait at least for 10 seconds before plugging it back in.

Wait till the network activity light on the router turns out to be active.

Hit the wireless option to turn off the wireless connection.

Wait till the device reconnects to the router.

Turn on the computer system.

Connect the power cable back into the printing machine.

Finally, take printing test.  You can print anything from your machine easily.

Setting Default HP Printer-

You have changed the default print driver just by common fault that actually means you can have something as wholly unrelated as WSD driver. Find out the devices in the start menu and from the results that come up and choose devices and printers. Make the right click on the grey icon displaying and select set as default printer. Then you can apply for printing test. Thus, you can solve HP printer offline fix errors easily. Still, if you have any questions, you can get online expert advice from experienced printer technicians.