Printers have undoubtedly become a necessity today. They take away much of the manual work that people in various settings need to accomplish daily. Epson printers allow users to print a large number of pictures and documents. But it does not mean that they work well all the time. Many users have reported the Epson windows service disabled error arising while they are using the printer. This error interrupts the entire workflow. So, naturally, people desire a solution for it. Don’t worry if you are finding this error on your printer. You can resolve it by reading this article.

What Causes the Epson Windows Service Disabled Error?

Before understanding the troubleshooting methods of Epson windows service disabled error, it’s essential to understand the various reasons. So, if you’re wondering why is my service disabled, here are the probable answers.

  • The printer driver is not fully installed. The driver is also not working as it should.
  • There are malware or virus attacks on your system due to which Epson windows service disabled error occur.
  • The error can also occur when Epson scanner service is not working.
  • The problem can also be a result of installation failed errors.

What to Do When the Epson Windows Service Disabled Error Occurs?

There are quite a few fixes you can try out for resolving the Epson windows service disabled error. Given below are some effective troubleshooting methods which you can follow for fixing Epson windows service disabled error. They are as follows:

Restart your device and the printer

It’s the easiest way to mitigate this problem. Just switch off the printing device and take away all the printer cables. Restart the printer. After some time, plug back the cables and turn on the printer. The issue will get resolved.

Run an antivirus scan

Malware attacks can also cause this error. Users searching for an answer to how to fix service disabled should install a good antivirus on their system. They should run an antivirus scan to inspect and eliminate any malicious files or applications.

Driver update

Drivers that are obsolete or not updated can also lead to this error. It is thus suggested that you update the driver. Make sure that all the drivers you’ve installed are compatible with the device. Those that are faulty can result in a variety of printer errors in Epson.

It’s always wise to go through the support website of Epson for free updates to your software. Windows users should know that their printer software checks for updates automatically. But you also have the option to update the software manually. For the manual updating, go through the steps mentioned below.

  • Access the Windows Desktop, then right-click the icon of ‘Product’ in the Windows taskbar.
  • Now tap ‘Software update.’
  • Tap on the tab of ‘Utility’ in the window of printer settings.
  • Choose ‘Driver Update.’

Alternatively, you can go for the software update by choosing the ‘Epson Software Updater’ in the Epson Software program group. It is accessible through the ‘Start’ button. In case you need additional assistance, contact Epson printer support.

Check if you are using the correct network

To fix the Epson connect disabled error, you should also check your internet connection. The internet connection that is recommended is the Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4). The internet should have a download speed of a minimum 512 Kbps or must be faster than that. It is recommended that you have a download speed of 1 Mbps or faster than that. The Epson Connect service uses port 5222. Make sure that this port is enabled in the office network.

Update your Windows

Another troubleshooting method users searching for how to fix service disabled should know about is updating Windows. Often, users suddenly come across a performance issue when they are using an Epson printer. To enable your device to work properly, you should update Windows whenever you notice a notification message on your screen. It is highly likely that you haven’t updated your Windows if you encounter the Windows service disabled error. To update Windows 10, follow these steps.

  • Tap the ‘Start’ button on the bottom left part of your screen.
  • Now tap ‘Settings.’ Its icon resembles a gear. It is present at the bottom part of the ‘Start’ menu.
  • Tap ‘Update & security.’
  • Now tap ‘Check for updates.’ Its button is present at the top part of the page. After you tap it, Windows will begin checking for updates. In case an update is available, it will be downloaded automatically. If there aren’t any available updates, you’ll find a message saying, ‘Windows is up to date.’
  • When the update installs, leave the Windows as it is.
  • Sometimes, Windows also has some optional functionalities for you to update. If you want to install those features, the tap ‘Download and install.’ It is present under ‘Feature update to Windows 10.’ In case your system can run Windows 11, it will come as an optional update whenever it is available for your system.
  • Tap’ Restart Now.’ You will notice this button under the header of ‘Restart required.’ Your computer will restart, and the update would be done.

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Final Words

You will find it easy to fix the Epson windows service disabled error now. You can restart your device and printer to resolve this issue. Apart from that, running antivirus scans and updating printer drivers are also good troubleshooting techniques to implement. If the problem doesn’t resolve, connect with the Epson customer support team whenever you desire.