Well, once you have your Epson printer at home or office premises and ready to print some urgent document, unfortunately Epson Printer Not Printing problem is being faced. The situation is too much annoying and need to know why this happens with your brand-new printing machine. So, just be calm! You are right place. Through this post, you will surely obtain effectual ideas and hassle-freely eradicate such problem. Moreover, you can avail Printer Customer Support to resolve the printer issues.


Reasons for Epson Printer Not Printing Error

Here are the lists of possible causes due to which you come across with Epson Printer Not Printing problem and on the basis of its reason you can easily cope-up:

  1. Faulty connection
  2. Outdated printer driver
  3. The status of printer “Use Printer Offline” may ticked-mark
  4. Ink cartridge issue
  5. No paper is loaded in the input tray

Efficient Way to Annihilate Epson Printer Not Printing Problem

Keep your eyes feast on the below-noted sequences and start using the following methods from 1 and check whether the printing problem gets solved before proceed the next solution. Let’s begin!

Method 1: Check Your Printer Connection

The one most wanted reason for the appearance of Epson Printer Not Printing problem is Your Epson printer might not be appropriately connected to your computer. So it’s essential to check the connection established between your printer and your computer. Here is the way to do so:

  • If Using USB Cable For The Connection
  1. Check the cable whether it is properly associated to your printer or not. If it is actually not, reconnect the cable and ensure both ends of the cable are tightly inserted into the ports onto the both devices your printer and your computer
  2. Do not use hub for connecting your printer to your system. Let’s connect them directly
  3. Try connecting the cable to another USB port on your computer and see if it works for you
  4. You may even also use another cable to check if there is problem with the cable itself
  • If Using a Network Printer
  1. Check your network connection as well as your network devices such as router or modem
  2. View the network connection status of your printer and see if your printer is properly connected to the network
  3. Reconnect or replace your network cable when required if your printer uses wired connection
  4. For wireless printer, try reconnecting your printer to your home or work network
  • If Using Bluetooth to Connect Your Printer
  1. Make sure your printer device is placed nearby to your computer system
  2. Try re-pairing your printer with your computer and see if this solves the problem

Method 2: Set Epson Printer as Default

Your Epson printer may not be delivering printouts because it might not be set as the default printer on your system. That’s why, check it once and if it is not set, do it by following guides:

  1. First, press the Windows logo key and R simultaneously on your keyboard to open Run dialog box
  2. Now, type “Control” in the search box and press “Enter” key or click “OK” tab
  3. From the top-right corner, select “Large icons” under the “View By” section
  4. Afterward, click “Devices and Printers”
  5. Now, place a right-click on your printer and select “Set as default printer”

This fixing solution might helpful for you. But if not, use the next method without wasting the time.

Method 3: Update Your Printer Driver

Using an outdated printer driver could be the main reasons for Epson Printer Not Printing problem. So, check your driver and ensure that it is up-to-date. If it is wrong or out of date, you must immediately bring it update first and then start print job.

Method 4: Check the Printer Spooler Service

The Print Spooler service manages your printing tasks and the communication between your printer and your computer. Your Epson printer will not function appropriately if this service is turned off. So, you should check the service if it is running properly. To check this, go through the steps:

  1. Press Windows logo + R keys together on your keyboard
  2. Type “services.msc” in the Run dialog box and press Enter key. This will open the Services window
  3. Double-click on the “Print Spooler” option
  4. Make sure its Startup type is set to “Automatic” and its Service status is Running
  5. If it’s not, click on the “Startup type” drop-down key and select to Automatic
  6. After that click on “Start” button
  7. Click “OK” tab
  8. Check whether your Epson printer is able to print or not

Continue troubleshooting with the next method if yet your Epson Printer Not Printing.

Method 5: Clear All Print Jobs

If any paper is stuck in the print queue, your Epson printer won’t print. To clear all your print jobs, follow the underneath steps:

  1. Press the Windows logo key and R on your computer keyboard to invoke the Run box
  2. Type “services.msc” and hit Enter to open the Services window
  3. Double-tap on “Print Spooler”
  4. Click Stop and tap OK
  5. Minimize the Services window. Then open “File Explorer” by pressing “Windows logo key and E” at the same time
  6. Copy and paste the address “%windir%\System32\spool\PRINTERS” to the address bar and press Enter key to go to section where the print jobs are stored
  7. Delete all the files in this folder
  8. Restore the Services window. Then double click on the Print Spooler service
  9. Click “Start” button. After the service is started, click OK to save the change and close this dialog
  10. Close all the opened windows and switch-off your computer
  11. Turn off your printer and unplug the power cable too
  12. Leave your printer for a couple of time
  13. Plug-in the power cable to your printer and turn it on
  14. Turn on your computer and then check if the problem resolves

Method 6: Use Different Program for Printing

Epson Printer might not be printing if the program you are using to print is not working accurately. Test your printer with another program. If the problem is with your program, contact its developer or vendor for advice or install an alternative solution.

Method 7: Check the Status of Your Printer

If you have tried all these above methods and your printer still not printing, you must check the hardware status of your printer. Take a brief look:

  1. Check the ink or toner whether it is running out of the stock. You should replace the ink or toner cartridge if needed
  2. If the problematic error occurs when you’ve replaced a part in your printer, install the original part and see if this fixes your Epson Printer Not Printingproblem
  3. You need also check if there is any error displayed on your printer screen. If it does, consult the user guide or the customer support of Epson to fix it

Get Epson Printer Support for Reliable and Imperative Solution

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