How To Get Rid Of Canon Printer Error 6c10 In Minimal Time?

Canon Printer Error 6c10 is also called CAM sensor code that generally evolves after pressing the Power button. When you press the ON/OFF button on your Canon Printer, you can come across this annoying error. The error code 6c10 can usually arise on the following Canon Printer model:  Canon Printer MP110, MP550, MP540, MP610, MP630, MP800, MP810, MP830, MP 970, MP980, MP620 etc. If you operate any of these above models of the Canon Printer, chances would be high to confront 6c10 Error. You are not alone to be experiencing this, while most of the Canon Printer users are having the same problem. Wagging off this situation is not a permanent solution for anybody. It is completely okay if you do not have strong technical skills to get rid of this error issue. The blog post has come up with variant solving instructions. Just, read and implement the noted course of actions simultaneously. In the end, the 6c10 Error Canon Mp620 problem will definitely be no more at all. You can resume your printing task without any worries, it is guaranteed. Let’s do it!


What Is Canon Printer Error 6c10?

Canon Mx860 Error 6c10 can also be named as reset canon printer ink absorber error or valve cam sensor error. There are a couple of users who do not have an idea where to locate the valve cam sensor. Also, they don’t know the exact location of the valve cam scanner. Not knowing the location of the valve cam sensor and scanner would be a major reason for getting this error. In such a circumstance, what you need to do is to take tech expert assistance to properly positioning the sensor. The Sensor could be blocked by paper debris. However, the technician has the efficiency to let you know the accurate location of the valve cam sensor.

Effective Fixing Tricks To Get Rid Of Canon Printer Error 6c10

The Canon printers have a resemblance to decide the level of the waste ink incorrectly inserted into the tank. Thus, you can print more frequently simply by resetting the internal counter and cleaning the container filled with waste ink. In the provided step-by-step guidelines you will learn how to fix the Canon 6c10 Error soon. In the very beginning, you need to clean the foam that collects the waste ink. This should hopefully rectify the Canon Printer Error 6c10. Here’s a comprehensive guide, give a glance:

Guidelines 1: Detect a Row Of White Rollers

First, you have to open the Canon Printer lid and enable the cartridge carrier inside the printer to the center. Once the cartridge carrier is centered, you will see a sequence of white rollers behind the carrier. It will be visible on just the right side of the cartridge carrier.

Guideline 2: Clean the Plastic

Beneath the rollers, you will find a small piece of plastic piece that is quite sticky and dirty. You need to take a small cloth, a soft towel, or a tissue to wipe the ink from the plastic. Be careful while cleaning the plastic. After cleaning the plastic, confirm that you clean the ink pad as well.

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Guideline 3: Clean The Foam Pad

In front of the piece of plastic, you will see a small square object that seems like a foam pad. This is the exact place where the printer gathers the excess ink. Simply, you are suggested to take a piece of white paper towel and slightly press it into the foam pad. It will soak the extra ink if available into the foam pad. Keep continuously doing the same procedure until the paper towel does not collect any more ink from the pad.

Guideline 4: Restart The Printer

Once you have cleaned all those stuff, put everything back into its desired place carefully. Thereafter, need to plug in the printer again properly. Now, press the Power button on your Canon Printer and start printing hassle-freely.

If unfortunately, yet you receive Canon Printer Error 6c10 during the print job, restart the ink absorber counter. We will show you how to do the same in a cost-effective manner. Do not stop reading if still the same problem exists.

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Advanced Tricks To Solve Canon Printer Error 6c10

Resetting the ink absorber counter will probably be your final solution to the Canon Printer Error 6c10 problem. Let’s do it now by performing the below-noted steps:

  • Turn your Canon printer OFF if it is ON.
  • Now, press and hold the “Resume” button for 15-20 seconds.
  • After that, press and hold the “Power” button at the same time. After a couple of seconds, the green LED light will be lightening.
  • By holding the “Power” button, release the “Resume” button.
  • Press the “Power” button twice consecutively and then release both the buttons together.
  • In the end, press the “Resume” button four times constantly and then immediately press the “Power” button.

The above sequence of instructive points should reset the ink absorber counter on the printer. Once you have executed the whole steps from top-to-toe, unplug the device and plug it back in again. Now, print a test page to check if Canon Mx860 Error 6c10 has been resolved or not.

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Obtain 24/7 Online Canon Printer Support For Handy Solution

If you successfully cleaned the foam and reset the ink absorber counter, you won’t get stuck anywhere while printing. Finally, your question on How To Fix the Canon Printer Error 6c10 has now been answered. If for some reason, you still encounter the same error, this time it is needed to contact the talented techies. They are enough proficient to deal with any tech errors related to Canon Printer. So, dial the toll-free 24/7 accessible helpline number as soon as you can and get quality Canon Printer Support. Within a short span, the error code 6c10 will be dissolved from the Canon Printer. And thus, you can print with no obstruction.

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