Quick Fixes For Canon Printer Error 6000- Complete Guide

Canon Inc. is a renowned electronics company, which offers various cutting-edge electronics products. Canon printers are widely popular among users. The printer enables users to print from any place efficiently. They are user-friendly, which allows easy completion of every print job. However, these electronic devices are not devoid of errors. The most prevalent among these errors is Canon Printer Error 6000. Various reasons are involved in the occurrence of this error. Are you too experiencing the same issue and want to get rid of it? Then this article is just for you. You will get to discover causes and resolutions for this error that will allow you to eliminate it.


What Are The Reasons Behind Canon Printer Error 6000?

Numerous unfavorable conditions are responsible for Canon MX922 Support Code 6000. They are listed below.

  • Dust particles or paper pieces falling into the paper feed tray can lead to this error.
  • When someone places a great number of papers or documents close to the printer, it can also cause this error to arise. When loads of different papers surround your printing device, they hinder the proper ventilation of the fans in the printer. It, in turn, causes the Canon MX922 Support Code 6000.
  • If your tray is not correctly seated on your printer, then also you may witness this error code.
  • If you give numerous printing commands at the same time, you are likely to experience the error code.
  • Scratches and line feed is another cause.
  • Any fault in the line-in or sensor unit can lead to the error.

Now that you know the reasons that are behind this error, it will not be difficult for you to figure out what does what does error 6000 mean on a Canon printer. Consequently, the resolutions will focus on addressing the causes of this error.

What Are The Ways To Get Rid Of Canon Printer Error 6000?

There are quite many ways to troubleshoot Canon Printer Support Code 6000. You can try out any of the methods and see which one works for you.

Reset Your Printer

Resetting your Canon printer can help you resolve this problem. Canon Error Code 6000 Reset can be conducted by following the steps mentioned below.

  • Unplug your printing device from the power switch. Let it be left as it is for some seconds in a pause mode.
  • Then plug the power cord of your printing device again. Switch it on.
  • Start pressing and holding the ‘Power’ button. Press and hold it for a a couple seconds. Then, press the ‘Stop’ button two times.
  • Do this whole routine one or two more times.
  • This time you should release the ‘Power’ button very gradually.
  • Lastly, you should press the ‘Stop’ button four times.

This whole process will help you in immediately resolving this issue. But if the problem continues to persist, then reach out for advanced Canon printer support.

Ensure That The Paper Tray Is Properly Set

Canon 6000 Error Code List consists of various kinds of errors. An effective troubleshooting method entails setting the paper tray properly in the device. Follow this procedure for it.

  • Switch off your printer for around 10 minutes and then restart it.
  • Check if the paper tray is set correctly in the printing device or not. You should ensure that it is. If you notice any foreign particles or substances creating obstacles in the path of printing, immediately remove them.
  • Check again and ensure that there is absolutely no tiny entity or torn paper pieces inside your printer. On noticing any objects, immediately remove them. It is essential for you to experience a smooth printing process with your Canon device.

This Canon Printer Error 6000 Fix will help you troubleshoot the problem you are facing. Besides checking for any foreign objects in your printer, you should also clean your device’s other components like the printhead and encoder strip.

Clean The LF and EJ Slit Film To Resolve The Issue

If you are still searching for How Do I fix the error code 6000 on my Canon printer, it means that the methods given above have not worked for you. But there is no need to panic as yet. There is yet another Canon Printer Error 6000 Fix that you can try out. Follow the steps mentioned below for it.

  • Gently clean the EJ and SL slit film. You should ensure to clean them with the aid of a non-corrosive solution.
  • In many cases, a plausible cause for Canon Printer Error 6000 is the LF vehicle being jammed with dust and particles. Your duty in such a case is to eliminate each and every particle that is jammed from the conductor.
  • If you notice any faulty component of the printer, then take it away from your printing device. You should substitute it with another one so as to resolve the problem.
  • The faulty component can include any of the following: timing sensor unit, paper roller feed, logic board, or the slit film from the EJ and the LF.

Get In Touch With Customer Service To Resolve Canon Printer Error 6000

The methods given above are very effective in helping users troubleshoot Canon Printer Support Code 6000 easily. However, sometimes, the methods may not work, which implies that there might be a different issue with your printing device. In such cases, trying to resolve the problem on your own can do more damage than good. There is a need to avail of professional customer service support. Those certified in dealing with Canon printer issues can provide you with effective guidance and troubleshooting steps.

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Final Words

Now that you know all the varied ways by which you can fix Canon Printer Error 6000, there is no need to worry when this problem arises. Implement the effective methods described in detail above. They are not very difficult to understand and follow. You will certainly be able to get rid of the issue yourself.