Step By Step Guide For Canon ts6020 Setup

The Canon PIXMA TS6020 printer is your one-stop printing solution as it has the efficiency to connect with all your devices. The devices can be directly connected through Wi-Fi, AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, USB, and even straight from the cloud. Most importantly, such a printer is iPhone/iPad compatible and also has top-grade printing quality. It fits perfectly anywhere in home or office, is simple to use, and delivers high-quality printouts. Before attempting to print anything, perform a wireless Canon TS6020 Setup. If you are unable to setup your Canon TS6020 printer, don’t worry! In this post, we will show you how to connect your printer to a Wi-Fi router and set it up correctly. Let’s read carefully from top-to-toe!


Procedural Guidelines To Setup Canon TS6020 PIXMA Printer

In the below section, we are going to describe how to Canon TS6020 Wireless Setup connection. You can connect your wireless printer setup with your Windows as well as Mac device. So, take a brief look at once and execute the setup process one by one:

Steps To Make Connection For Canon TS6020 Printer

Do nothing except moving to the beneath noted step-wise directives. Let’s begin:

  • First and foremost, turn on your printer and your Wi-Fi router as well.
  • When the printer is powered on, a green light will be constantly lit.
  • Now, go to the printer home button and place a click on it.
  • Thereafter, place a single tap on the Network status icon.
  • After doing so, the printer’s basic network information screen will appear.
  • Tap on the “LAN Settings” tab.
  • Then, press the “Next” button.
  • Afterward, click on the “Wireless LAN Option” on the printer screen > Select the “Wireless LAN setup” option.
  • Furthermore, follow the WPS connection on-screen prompted steps for Wireless printer setup.
  • Once the ‘Wireless LAN Setup’ window opens, simply tap the “WPS” button on the screen.
  • And then, click “OK”.
  • Afterward, keep on pressing and tightly holding the WPS button on your Wi-Fi Router and then press “OK”.
  • Now, a confirmation message will display on the screen.
  • It is now confirmed that a successful connection has been set up with the wireless router.
  • Just for the 100% assurance, look for the “A Network” status icon at the bottom left of the screen.

Steps To Connect Canon TS6000 Setup To Windows – Wireless Setup

Here’s the comprehensive guide of Canon TS6000 Wireless Setup on Windows PC. Let’s start following the procedures:

  • First, make sure that the printer, router, and Windows PC are all turned ON.
  • Now, connect the Canon PIXMA TS6020 printer to your Wi-Fi network using the above steps.
  • Thereafter, head over to the official Canon website to download the Canon TS6020 Driver. Search for the compatible printer driver for your Windows operating system.
  • Now, once the downloading process gets done, place a double-tap on the downloaded file and complete the installation process.
  • Afterward, open the ‘Control Panel’ from the Windows Search bar or ‘Run Dialog Box’.
  • Now, opt for the ‘Devices and printers’ option from the Control Panel Window.
  • Tap the ‘Add Printer’ tab which is located at the left corner of the window.
  • Choose your printer directly from the appeared screen of the list of printers.
  • Once you select your printer, press the “Next” button.
  • Now, wait for a couple of seconds for the Canon TS6020 Setup process to complete.
  • Finally, your Canon TS6020 printer is in a ready state and all set to provide quality printouts.
  • Now, Canon TS6020 wireless printer has been successfully connected to Windows PC.

Steps To Connect Canon TS6000 Setup To Mac Computer – Wireless Setup

The Canon TS6020 Setup Mac wireless connection steps are provided underneath. Let’s give a glimpse of the proffered directions and follow the steps one by one:

  • First, make sure that your printer and Mac device are turned ON. Also, ensure that Canon TS6020 USB Port is not defective.
  • Now, let’s connect Canon TS6020 printer to a wireless router using the steps mentioned in the very first section.
  • Afterward, browse the official site to download Canon TS6020 Driver for your Mac.
  • Next, complete the driver software downloading process on Mac PC.
  • Thereafter, click on the Apple menu and select the “System and Preference” option.
  • Now, select Printer and Scanner and then click the “+” sign to add on your printer.
  • Select your exact printer model number from the drop-down menu and then click the “Add” button.
  • Once it is successfully added, you can see your printer in the left side of the screen.

Hence, after following the above method, you can surely setup Canon PIXMA TS6020 Wireless Printer and connect it to Mac.

How To Connect Canon Pixma TS6020 to a Wireless LAN Via Manual Connect?

Here’s the suitable explanation for using the Manual Connect option to setup Canon TS6020 and connect to a wireless network. Let’s start following the given points:

  • First, go to the Home screen and press the “Settings” icon.
  • Click on the “Device Settings” tab.
  • Press the “LAN settings” > Wireless LAN > Wireless LAN setup.
  • Under the Wireless LAN setup section, press the “Manual connect” tab.
  • The printer will then search for nearby wireless networks.
  • Locate your network from the list of wireless networks. If the network is shown in the list, simply click “Search again.”
  • If a wireless network has a passphrase on it, the box with the “Enter passphrase” will appear.  Tap in the middle of the screen.
  • Now, enter your network passphrase code.
  • Make sure you are currently typing as a single mistake won’t let you to connect over your network.
  • If you have symbols in your passphrase, click the symbol at the lower-left corner of the screen.
  • To delete a character hit the backspace icon.  If you have a space in your passphrase, tap the spacebar on your keyboard.
  • After entering your passphrase, click “OK.”
  • You will thereafter be taken back to the Enter passphrase screen.
  • Click OK.
  • Now, the printer will try to connect to the wireless router.
  • Finally, click OK.
  • If the printer fails to connect to a wireless router, re-enter your passphrase with correct symbols, characters, alphanumeric keys.

These simple and easy tricks are effective for How Do I Setup My Canon Pixma TS6020. Go through each step accordingly to hassle-freely get your Canon TS6020 Setup.

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