Canon Mx922 Error B200 – How To Fix It?

The situation can be too much furious – When you need an urgent print out but during printing, an error pops up. One of the most generic and feared error codes usually been shown is Canon Mx922 Error B200. Nothing is more headache than purchasing a quality and budget-free printer device. Most users prefer using Canon Printer MX922 to get a good quality printing solution in an affordable and timeless manner. However, facing problems is just a part of life so; don’t feel blue when you confront the error B200. Such a specific error appears when the ink carriage is jammed inside the printer. So, to resolve it, you need to remove the jammed carriage before attempting to print. Furthermore, you can read the post to learn more about its solving methods.


The Most Possible Reasons For Canon Mx922 Error B200

Here is what may lead to Canon Mx922 Error B200, check-out them:

  • Canon B200 Error Mx922 could be caused by the Ink carriage jamming issue.
  • When waste ink tank may get full.
  • Another possible cause of the Canon B200 Error is the dried cartridge.
  • This could mostly happen when the printhead gets overheated. It blocks the connection and hence won’t let users print anything.
  • When the installed ink carriage is refurbished or not genuine.

Instant Ways To Fix Canon Mx922 Error B200

There are several fixing methods you can try to remove a faulty print head and eliminate Canon Mx922 Support Code B200. Therefore, before deciding to replace your device with the new one, let’s give it a try of the below-noted suggestions.

Method 1: Reset The Printer

Resetting your Canon MX922 printer can helpful for eradicating Canon Mx922 B200 Error. Whereas, a good, long reset allows the printer to cool down and restore everything so that the printer works finely. Thus, every necessary printer mechanism will be shifted into its proper position. So, reset your printer immediately just by unplugging it and leaving it disconnected for at least 30 minutes. Doing so, the printer device gets back into its original form and hence will start delivering high-quality printouts. If in case the error code occurs yet, jump to the next fixing method.

Method 2: Eradicate Any Hindrance

Chances are high that something might be disrupting the connection setup with the printer head. Thus, check it out as soon as you can. Just open the printer’s door and carefully disconnect the print head. Thereafter, you should lift it out of the device. Now, adjust it accordingly and then see if that fixes the Canon Pixma Mx922 Support Code B200 issue. You can implement the next solving method if it doesn’t work out.

Method 3: Clean The Printer Head

If the printer head is clogged, there is a possibility of the occurrence of Canon Mx922 Error B200. Therefore, run the printer’s cleaning cycle to remove the clogged print head. You can however use the device’s maintenance tool to clean the print head more frequently and effort-freely.

Method 4: Clean The Print Head Manually

Additionally, you can clean the printer head manually but make sure you carefully handle it. Use either pure alcohol or a non-oil-based cleaner on the print head’s gold contacts to sanitary the clogged print head. Further, you can make use of a microfiber cloth to rub the cleaner onto the contacts. After that, let it dry completely before attempting to reconnect it. This could resolve Support Code B200 Mx922 but if yet not, move to the next solution.

Method 5: Remove Old Ink

There may be unauthentic or faulty ink trapped inside the print head. So, run it under hot tap water until clean water comes out. Then, take a suitable paper towel and wipe it dry and thereafter, you can reinsert the head into the printer. Now, you can print a test page just for checking. If the Canon Mx922 Error B200 still arises, jump to the next solution.

Method 6: Reinstall The Canon Printer Drivers

An outdated or faulty driver installed against your Canon MX922 printer could result in Canon B200 Error Mx922. That’s why; here we recommend you all update the driver first. To do the same, you need to visit the official Canon support page and then follow the on-screen guided instructions. After updating your printer driver and software, you can print hassle-freely. But unfortunately, the same problem yet displays continue fixing it via using next solution.

Method 7: Try A New Ink Cartridges

Default ink cartridges most often trigger the Canon Mx922 Error B200. So, to fix it quickly, refer to the user manual for installing genuine and correct ink cartridges. Complete this process regarding your specific device. Now, print a test page to check.

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Contact Our Tech Specialist for Handy Remedy

If none of the above solving methods work in a way to exterminate Canon Mx922 Error B200, don’t panic! There is an expert team of tech-geeks who will sort your problem out in a couple of seconds. You are only needed to put a single call at the 24/7 helpline support number. One of the talented techies will surely lend you a proactive hand and give you a solution right away.

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