Step By Step Guide For Canon Printer Installation

If you have recently purchased a Canon printer then you might need help with the Canon printer installation. If you don’t know the correct way to do it then you are in the right place. We will be sharing an easy way to do it so even if you are not that tech savvy, you will be able to do it without a problem. We will be covering the following topics like:

  • USB printer installation for Windows and iOS
  • Network printer installation for Windows
  • Network printer installation for iOS
  • Canon printer installation- Wireless
  • Register Canon printer to Google Cloud Print
  • Canon printer installation- Airprint setup

USB printer installation for Windows and iOS

You can refer to the steps in order to install the USB printer for both IOS as well as Windows:

  • You can go through the manual that came along with the printer
  • Connect the printer with the help of the USB cable to the system
  • Switch on the printer and wait till your laptop detects it
  • Install the printer as well as the printer software
  • If you don’t have the CD then you can download the drivers from the official website too
  • Run this file to install the drivers and your printer is ready to use


Network Canon printer installation for Windows

You can either connect it with the help of a wired or a wireless way. If you are using an Ethernet network cable then you can connect your device that too without getting into the network configuration

If you are using a wireless way then you can connect the printer support with a WIFI network and follow these steps:

  • Open the Control Panel
  • Click on ‘Devices and printers’ and then select ‘Add a printer’
  • Now you are supposed to click on ‘Add a network- wireless or Bluetooth printer’
  • Click on ‘Wireless printer’ and then hit ‘Next’
  • Install the drivers and during the process, ensure that the system is connected to the internet. You can also use the disk to install the drivers


Network printer installation for iOS

The steps for Network printer installation for iOS are as follows-

  • Navigate to the option of Apple menu and then click on ‘System preferences’
  • Choose the ‘Print and Fax’ option
  • Click on ‘+’ in order to add the printer
  • Choose the network printer from the tab
  • Click to ‘Add’ and the network printer will be installed
  • Your printer is ready to use>

Canon printer installation- Wireless

  • Ensure that the printer is switched on and has been plugged in properly
  • See if the printer has installation software or not
  • Connect the printer to the wireless network
  • Ensure that the system and the printer is on the same network

Register Canon printer to Google Cloud Print

  • You will be asked to log in to the Google account by entering your credentials
  • The Canon printer must support Google Cloud Print
  • Connect the device to the WIFI

Canon printer-to-Google-Cloud-Print

  • Click on ‘setup’ on the home screen of the printer
  • Select the Web service setup and then click on ‘Ok’
  • Tap ‘Google cloud print setup’ and then click on ‘Ok’ to register with the Google Cloud print
  • You will be asked to choose either yes or no, choose ‘Yes’ in the next box
  • Choose the language and then click on ‘Ok’ on the authentication URL screen
  • Print the URL and enter it on the web browser of the phone or system
  • Enter the credentials to sign in and click on ‘Finish printer registration on the confirmation screen

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Canon printer installation- Airprint setup

  • Firstly, connect the Apple device and the Canon printer to the same WIFI network
  • Check if the Canon printer is switched on and connected to the network
  • Tap the ‘Forward’ or ‘Operation’ icon to display the menu options from the device that you would like to print from
  • Click to add more copies and set it as per your preference
  • If you want to go for a duplex printing then enable the option
  • Click on ‘Print’ and then wait for the copy to get printed

If you require any more assistance regarding the Canon printer installation then do connect with us and the experts will help you in the best way possible.

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