How To Get Rid Of Canon Printer Error U052?

Canon Printers are widely popular among users just because of their impeccable printing quality and ease of printing solution. These printers always tend to offer cutting-edge facilities and top-notch features to their users. Additionally, Canon Printers are extremely compatible to be connected with all types of operating systems. Despite being the fact that these printers are an ultimate option for printing purposes, technical faults are also being entertained. One most common error i.e., Canon Printer Error U052 is going to be discussed in this post. So, if you have ever had an experience with the same issue, chill! Get a suitable solution in a short while. Stay connected by keeping on reading the post as an efficient solving guide is at your fingertips.


What Does The Canon Printer Error U052 Code Mean?

When you start print-job from your Canon Printer, you may find Canon Printer Error Code U052. Such an error code specifically means that the printer head is not working perfectly. The problem is might be having with the printhead and so that it results in the error U052. Moreover, you generally come across this problematic situation at the time of installing the printer head. There would be a technical glitch in the head of the printer. But you don’t have to worry as every problem has a productive remedy. Get your problem solved here only!

Reasons For The Happening Of Canon Printer Error U052

Canon MX892 Print Head Error U052 can be caused by one of the following listed factors:

  • Most probably the printer head is not been installed appropriately or incomplete installation of your printer head.
  • You can face Canon U052 Error Reset when the print head is incorrect or not working with efficiency.
  • Maybe the error occurs due to damaged old cartridges.

A lot of Canon Printer users have been faced-up with the error message U052 The Type Of Printhead Is Incorrect. Though the error looks complex it is easy to troubleshoot. When you identify its actual reason, it will be going to much easier for you to deal with it. In a limited time period, you will be able to sort it out from top-to-toe.

Beneficial Ways To Get Rid Of Canon Printer Error U052

There are basically two different scenarios that which you can get stuck with Canon MX892 Print Head Error U052. Here are those:

  • One is when the print head is not installed at all. And if it really happens, it will throw the ‘U052 the Type of Printhead Is Incorrect’ error message.
  • And, the second scenario is when the print head is installed but unfortunately it is not functioning properly. Perhaps, it stops working at all after a point in time.

Don’t need to be panic if for whatever reason Canon Printer Error U052 occurs. In the beneath section, we will walk you through the step-by-step fixing directives for both scenarios. Therefore, stop nagging, and let’s immediate start to follow the given instructions.

Scenario 1: Receiving Printer Error U052 With Printhead Installed

When Canon Printer Error U052 is being caused by incorrect printhead installation, then you need to implement the below-noted steps. Let’s give it try to fix this issue soon:

  • Open the top lid of the printer carefully to get the printer’s cartridges and print head freely accessible. While you open the top lid, the cartridges slot will automatically lift up to the middle front of the printer.
  • Now, unplug the printer from the switchboard. Make sure that the cartridge lever is situated just behind the cartridge cradle. When the lever is placed in this position, the cartridge slots will never auto-move.
  • Afterward, remove all the ink cartridges from the cartridges slot.
  • When you take out the ink cartridges from its slot, it will expose the black print head. Now, it is our suggestion to gently remove the print head from the printer. Grab the printhead just where the cartridges are to be inserted, pull it gently. And then, after a while, the print head will come out. This is how you can remove the printhead from your Canon Printer.
  • Thereafter, perform the basic cleaning cycle on the print head.
  • Reinsert the print head and the ink cartridges properly into the printer. Also, make sure that no doors are opened and the lever is back in its place.
  • Afterward, close the top lid of the printer.
  • Now, turn your printer ON by pressing the Power button.
  • Now, in the end, print a test page to check if the Canon Printer Error U052 has been resolved.

Scenario 2: Receiving Printer Error U052 Without Any Printhead Installed

If you confront Canon Print Head Error U052 without any installation of the printhead, go through the following steps:

  • First and foremost, turn off your Canon Printer.
  • Open the top lid of the printer. If no cartridges or printhead is installed in the printer, cartridge slots will naturally be in the middle upfront.
  • Next, you have to install the print head into the sliding rail just beside the cartridges slot.
  • Install the cartridges into the cartridge slots one by one appropriately.
  • Once ink cartridges have been installed successfully installed shut down the lever. Also, ensure that no door and the cartridges are opened and the print heads are properly installed.
  • After that, close the top lid of the printer.
  • Turn on your printer.
  • Take out a test print to check if the Canon Printer Error Code U052 is eliminated.

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Consult Our Connoisseurs For 24/7 Online Canon Printer Support

The solving instructions provided above would work in terms of terminating the Canon MX892 Print Head Error U052. If the problem yet appears, then contact the Canon Printer Support team or a printer technician. They have the ability to serve you quality assistance so that you can effortlessly handle your printer problem with care. Therefore, contacting our techies will fully utilize your precious time as the error will get dissolved in a short span. Dial the given helpline number anytime to get instant support at an affordable cost.

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