Have you ever encountered an error where your computer screen says HP Printer Validation Failed? If yes, then probably you must have tried restarting your printer or disconnecting and reconnecting the cables, but all in vain and the validation error remained the same. Well, sometimes, the traditional approach of restarting your HP printer resolves the error, but not always. And if the validation failed error is frequently occurring, then you must know the exact reason and terminate it from its root.


The HP Printer Validation Failed error occurs when your printer’s carriage cannot move freely due to some obstruction, the outdated or corrupted printer drivers, and due to power failure. To fix this issue, you can reset your printer or try the troubleshooting tools available on the HP support website. And if all these measures remain ineffective, then you will have to uninstall and reinstall your HP printer. But how to do that? Do not worry. This tutorial covers all the steps from the basics to the most advanced fixes. So, let’s begin the troubleshooting.

Steps to Fix HP printer Validation Failed Error

Step 1: Reset your HP printer (Do not just restart)

The quickest and easiest step is to reset your HP printer, which will resolve minor technical issues. But resetting doesn’t mean just to restart; instead, you will have to do it in a proper way.

  1. Connect your HP printer to the wall socket and press the power
  2. Now remove the power cable from your printer while keeping it still on.
  3. Further, disconnect the cable from the wall socket as well.
  4. Please wait for 60 seconds and then reconnect all the wires back to their ports.
  5. Now press the power button on your printer and verify the validation error.
  6. If the problem resolves, then abort the troubleshooting, and if it occurs soon, then follow the next step.

Step 2: Run the printer troubleshooter

If the HP Printer validation failed error is frequently occurring, then the printer troubleshooter will resolve the problem. Here is how you can use this in-built tool.

  1. Click the Search bar on your computer, alternatively, press Windows + S keys together and type Troubleshoot and hit Enter.
  2. A new window opens, here click Troubleshoot on the left side panel.
  3. Now select your HP printer and click Run the trouble
  4. If your PC displays any suggestions, then follow the on-screen instructions to fix them. If still the validation fails, then proceed to the fix.

Note: For some computers, the printer troubleshooter option is under Hardware and Sound.

Step 3: The HP Print and Scan Doctor to the rescue

The HP Print and Scan Doctor is an automatic troubleshooting tool that resolves most of the print and scan issues. The USP of this tool is – It’s useful, and It’s free. Here is how to install the print and scan doctor.

  1. Make sure your printer connects to your computer.
  2. Now click the link HP Print and Scan Doctor.
  3. You will land on the HP’s official website, click Download Now, underneath “HP Print and Scan Doctor for Windows.”
  4. Further, you will get the exe file on your computer.
  5. Visit the Download folder under File Explorer and look for the HPPSdr.exe file.
  6. Double-click over it and click Run on the confirmation window.
  7. Now open the HP Print and Scan Doctor and click Start and select your printer on the list of devices.
  8. Your HP Printer is now added in the tool and clicks Fix Printing to resolve HP printer validation failed 
  9. Depending on the action needed, the HP Print and Scan Doctor tool will display the following symbols.

If it says green checkmark, it means printer’s all problem resolves, and if it displays a red cross mark, you will have to follow a set of actions to resolve the issue.

Step 4: Reinstalling your HP printer is the only option

If all the above steps failed then you will have to uninstall and reinstall your HP printer. Sometimes, the corrupted or missing printer drivers create printer validation failed issue.

  1. Disconnect the USB from your HP printer.
  2. Now press Windows + R keys together (to open search box), type Programs and Feature, and hit Enter.
  3. Here, select your HP printer and click Uninstall.
  4. Again click the Search box, type Devices & Printers, and click Ok.
  5. A new window opens, here you will need to right-click on your HP printer and choose Remove Device.
  6. Until now, you have just removed your printer from Devices and Programs list. The next process is to uninstall the printer completely.
  7. Press Windows + R keys to open the Run dialogue box. Alternatively, you can right-click on the Start icon on your PC and select Run.
  8. The Run command dialogue box opens, type exe /s, and click Ok.
  9. Further, click the Drivers tab on the new page and choose your HP printer.
  10. Click RemoveApply > Ok. Your HP Printer is now completely uninstalled.
  11. To reinstall your HP printer, you will need to visit HP’s official website.
  12. Click the link 123.hp.com and under Support, click Download Drivers.
  13. Hit option Printer option and type your HP Printer model name under Identify my product and click Submit.
  14. Now click to download the complete printer software package.
  15. When the software asks the connection type, click USB, and connect the USB cable with your printer and computer during the installation process.
  16. Now keep following the on-screen instructions to finish the installation process.

Still, HP Printer validation failed? Contact our customer support

Such problems are prevalent for regular printer users. Now, with the help of these four steps, you can quickly terminate the printer validation failed error. The most effective of them all is using an HP Print and Scan Doctor and reinstalling your printer. However, please do not jump the process and keep following them from the beginning. If you still face problems while troubleshooting, then contact our printer support number. Our experts are always there for any clarifications and queries.