There are many different brands manufacturing printing machine out of the globe. But when we talk about affordability, fluency and quality based device, Canon printer would be the first choice among others. It is also the fact that sometimes being a technical machinery device few Common Canon Printer Problems could arise and prevent you from printing anything. Whatever the printer problems you are confronting, once you diagnose the root cause, it will be easier for you to fix the issue. In this post, we discuss the most common printer problems along the Canon Printer Troubleshooting guides. So, if your printer does not print, read the blog and follow-up the guidelines.


Effective Troubleshooting Guidelines to Fix Common Canon Printer Problems

Below is the list of Common Canon Printer Problems which can usually been arise during print job and their troubleshooting guides. So, you don’t need to put much effort in a way to resolve your printer problems. Simply have a glimpse of them and follow the noted directions with your own.

Problem 1: Printer Not Printing

If your printer driver is out-of-date or there is lack of connection between your printer and computer, then only your printer doesn’t print any document and take you in trouble.

Troubleshooting Printer Not Printing Problem

  1. Try to re-install your printer driver with upgraded version in your operating system
  2. Make sure ink cartridges are not empty. If it is empty, install the cartridges first and then start printing
  3. Make sure the stack of papers are loaded appropriately into the paper tray as the printer may not print if it is running out of papers

The printer will work fine if the above things are confirmed.

Problem 2: Printer Prints Slowly

Printing speed gets slower than expected because the equipment is set to print high quality output. Slow printing is one of the common printer problems happens usually.

Troubleshooting Printer Prints Slowly

  1. Printer speed can be enhanced when the print quality is reduced or you switch the setting to draft mode
  2. Avoid double sided-printing

Problem 3: Paper Jamming Issue

When a paper is jammed, a warning message pops-up while printing.

Troubleshooting Paper Jamming Issue

  1. The very beginning steps you have to take is to turn-off the printer and then unplug it
  2. Then, slightly pull-out the jammed paper without touching the film or rail
  3. Ensure that no slips of paper are left inside
  4. Make sure paper is aligned properly
  5. Properly square the stack of paper and don’t over-fill the tray
  6. Now, start print job with your printer

Problem 4: Low Quality Printouts Issue

Getting a poor quality printout from Canon Printer is a very common issue mostly users have come across. This mainly happens due to clogged print head. Dried ink also more often could cause blockage of printouts. Sometimes, you may also get the faded paper from your printer if the ink is running out of the printer.

Troubleshooting Low Quality Printouts Issue

  1. First of all, give assurance that the paper type you are using matches with the one set on screen
  2. The next thing you should do is to clean the nozzle and align the printhead properly
  3. With your laser printers, take out the cartridge and shade it side to side before replacing

Problem 5: Printer Shows Offline

When you print any document, sometimes it shows offline. The cause might be your printer won’t communicate with your PC or poor connection. The printer status may also set to ‘Offline’.

Troubleshooting Printer Shows Offline

  1. Check your internet connection speed. If the connection is lost or slow, re-establish the connection in well-manner
  2. Next, check the USB cable connecting your printer to your PC. If the cable is damaged, change it immediately
  3. If your connection is working well but your printer is still offline, try to restart your printer
  4. Make sure that your printer is not in Use Printer Offline mode. To check it out, give a click on “Start” button, select “Settings” > Devices > Printers & scanners. Now, choose your printer and under “Printer”, make sure “Use Printer Offline” is not selected
  5. Now, print a test page to see if the issue solved or not

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