Fix HP Printer 50.4 Fuser Error | Easy Methods

The 50.4 fuser error occurs in HP Printer when the fuser unit stops working due to circuit failure, the spike in printer temperature, or insufficient voltage to the HP printer. Now, what is the role of the fuser unit in the HP printer? Well, the fuser unit fuses the toner or ink on the paper to print, which ultimately results in a beautiful printout. When the 50.4 fuser error occurs, that simply means the fuser unit is overheating or unable to attain the correct temperature. As soon as this happens, your HP printer will stop printing, and you will need to perform some set of actions to resolve the error. If you have an emergency to get the printouts, you can contact our Printer Tech Help number and get an immediate resolution.


Reasons for HP Printer 50.4 fuser error

  1. The 50.4 fuser error primarily occurs due to the wiring issue, and it causes the temperature to spike up suddenly.
  2. Another reason is the insufficient voltage to your HP printer.
  3. The 50.4 error can also occur due to the incorrect installation of the driver.
  4. There could also be an issue with AC power supply or problems in DC controller hardware.
  5. Lastly, the jammed paper in your HP printer can cause the 50.4 fuser error.

How to fix printer error 50.4?

After knowing the probable reasons behind fuser error 50.4, now you must the exact way to fix this problem. In this section, you will learn the steps to fix this error effectively.

Method 1: Cancel Print jobs

  1. Search for the devices and printeron your computer.
  2. Now click your HP printer.
  3. Select the option open print queues.
  4. Further, you will need to select all the print commands and click Cancel.

Method 2: Printer Reset

  1. Now turn off your printer and let it cool for 30 minutes.
  2. Disconnect the power cable from your printer and main socket.
  3. Now reconnect the power cable to your HP printer and press the power button over it.
  4. Further, you can give the print command, and if still the HP Printer 50.4 fuser error occurs, then proceed to the next step. And if you are able to fix the problem, then abort the troubleshooting.

Note: Sometimes, the error message 50.4 may occur on the printer control panel due to the fuser’s above-average temperature. In that case, you will need to wait for another few minutes until your printer gets back to the average temperature. The better would be to unplug all the wires from your printer and let it rest.

Method 3: Establish a direct connection

Check if you have connected your printer to the docking station, or there is a low voltage problem at your place. If it is, plug it to the power socket, establish a direct connection, and troubleshoot the low voltage problem.

Method 4: Replace the fuser

Try this step only after consulting the printer experts as this step will require a certain level of expertise. To avail of the best on-call support, you can contact our printer tech help number and get all the necessary assistance.

Contact the HP Printer Tech Help Number

If you are still facing an error with your HP printer, then you should contact the experts to get the immediate solution. Our highly trained printer experts can fix these types of errors quickly. Our team will also assist you in maximizing the output of your HP printer for the best printing experience. Need to fix the HP Printer 50.4 fuser error immediatelyContact our customer support and talk to the experts right now.

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