How to Fix Epson Printer Offline Error in Windows?

Nobody would want an Epson printer’s status to display as offline on a windows PC just like any other brand of the printers.. You should follow below instructions to fix Epson printer offline errors and turn back its status in the windows to online. Online printer experts are available to guide you step by step for solving this error straightforwardly.

Epson Printer Offline Errors, Epson Printer Support

Turn off Use Epson Printer Offline in Windows

Press and hold windows and R keys on the keyboard to begin the Run dialog box.

Press enter key in the control panel

Click on Devices & printers in the control panel.

You have to make the right click on device in the new windows and the click on see what is printing.

Click on the device from toolbar button and check carefully use printer offline options have a tick mark next to it. If this has a choice and click on that to deactivate it.

Click on “printer” icon yet again and press on the icon to configure it as the default printer.

At the last, you should close this window and see to it if the status has changed back to how it should be.

Download the Printer Driver from Official Website of Epson Printer-

The above step will help you to bring printer online but not if this is a corrupt printer driver to display offline in windows. To fix that, you need to download the new update of the driver software from the official website of Epson printer.

Simple Steps to Reinstall Epson Printer in Windows

Start Run just by pressing and holding down windows and R.

Key in MSC in run and press “Enter” button.

Make right click on the printer option from device manager window, make right click on Epson printer and click on uninstall button from the popup menu.

You have to open devices & printers just by navigating to it the similar way as stated and click on Add a printer.

In next dialog box, you have to click add a network, Bluetooth or wireless printer.

Depending upon the Epson printer type and driver software in the windows.

After that, you should restart your computer system and see to it if you can use the printing going forward. You can solve this error easily. You can use your printing machine properly.

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