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Every now and then, it is seen that Epson printer says offline when trying to take a printout. The situation can be too much frustrating and being a non-tech really wants to know why is my Epson Printer Offline. This can be caused by connectivity issue, outdated printer driver, loose USB cable, wrong printer configuration in Windows or Mac, or bugs in the bundled in Epson Printer software. Whatever the reason could be for the appearance of Epson Printer Offline issue, will surely be turn the printer Online from Offline in a couple of second. Once the Epson Printer gets Online, you can happily start print job again with confronting no error issue.


The Real Causes Why Epson Printer is Offline

Here are the some possibilities due to which Epson Printer is Offline:

  • The error may arise in between the connection of both the devices Epson Printer and computer system.
  • Epson printer may not communicate with the computer properly due to some hardware or software related issues.
  • Stopped or slow ‘Spooler’ service might trigger Epson Printer Is Offline.
  • An incorrect printer setting in Windows where your printer is not selected as “Default Printer” may make your printer goes offline.
  • When the printer driver gets outdated.

My Epson Printer is Offline and won't Print: How Can I Fix It?

A problematic phase you may come across at one point of time that is, Epson Printer Is Offline and won’t Print any document. The printer won’t print until you bring your Epson Printer Online back. In order to efficiently get Epson Printer Online, you are required to go through the instructions noted-down. You can quick turn your printer Online and hence get the printouts. Give a glimpse of the given information.

Efficacious Solutions to Fix Epson Printer Is Offline Issue

Go through the guidelines provided underneath if really want to switch your printer in ‘Online’ state from Offline mode. It will just take a few second. Hence let’s begin!

Solution 1:
Uncheck “Use Printer Offline” In Windows

  • Press and hold down the “Windows and R” keys simultaneously on the keyboard to launch the Run dialog box on the computer screen
  • Select the option “Control Panel” and then hit “Enter” key
  • Click on “Devices and Printers” in Control Panel section
  • In the new window, give a right-click on Epson Printer and then tap “See what is printing” option
  • Click on Printer from the toolbar and make sure “Use Printer Offline” option does not have a tick mark next to it. If it is selected, remove the check-mark to disable the option
  • Click on Printer option again and after that click on the option to configure it as the default printer
  • Close the opened window and see if the status has changed and your printer is finally converted into Online Mode.

In case, the Epson Printer Is Offline Windows 10 issue still persists, then don’t worry! We have another potential solution which will gonna fruitful for you. So, let’s give a try on the next fixing method.

Solution 2:
Download the Updated Epson Printer Driver

If a corrupt printer driver is installed in your PC or the driver has outdated, then this is the root cause to the status showing Epson Printer Offline in Windows. To get rid of it, it is highly recommended to download the latest updated version of the driver software from the Epson printer support website. Once you download the driver from the official website and install it properly, then add it again on Windows to hassle-freely perform printing task.

Solution 3:
Reinstall the Epson Printer in Windows

  • Launch Run by pressing and holding down “Windows and R” keys at the same time on keyword
  • Type “msc” in Run dialog box and then hit “Enter” key
  • Right-click on the Printers button from Device Manager Window, then place a right-click on the “Epson printer” option and finally tap “Uninstall” button from the popup menu
  • Then, open Devices and Printers by navigating to it the same way as mentioned in the second solution and then click on Add a Printer
  • In the next dialog box, click Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer
  • Depending on the Epson printer type, add the driver software in Windows
  • Restart your computer system and then see if your printer is gone to ‘Online’. If yet the Epson Printer Is Offline, then continue to the next fixing process.

Solution 4:
Clear All Print Jobs Stuck in Print Queue

In some case, if the print jobs get stuck in the print queue, then the printer shows offline at the time of printing. At that moment, you need to clear the print jobs with the help of below-noted guides:

  • First open run box from windows search and type “services.msc” in the search box then hit “Enter” key to open the service window.
  • Now, point to the spooler and give a right-click on it to open the Properties
  • Now, click “Stop” and hit “OK” button.
  • Now open Windows File Explorer then type the following “%windir%\System32\spool\PRINTERS” into the address bar.
  • Select all the files in the Printer folder and delete them accordingly.
  • Now, once again go to the spooler Properties and Click “Start” button then hit “OK” tab.
  • Now, restart your computer as then you can see the stuck print jobs are completely cleared and printer prints the document.

Not Yet Get The Answer Of Why Is My Epson Printer Offline?

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