Brother printers are cost-effective and high-performing devices. You can connect them in various ways, either wirelessly or with a USB. You benefit from a speedier and more reliable connection when you link your Brother printing device to WPS. But your router needs to support Wi-Fi protected set up for you to configure it this way. You can employ the WPS PIN technique to configure a wireless connection. But many wonder about the location of the WPS PIN Brother printer


WPS pin Brother printer


In fact, one of the common questions in people’s minds is, “Where to find WPS PIN on the Brother printer?” Many keep looking for it to no avail. Consequently, they are unable to wirelessly connect their printing device. In this exhaustive post, you’ll uncover the precise solution to this query.


Where to Look for WPS PIN on Brother Printer?


You can know about the WPS PIN on your Brother device through two methods. The first is for the Brother non-touchscreen printer models, and the second is for the touchscreen printer models from Brother. 


Where is WPS PIN on non-touchscreen Brother printer models?


You can follow the PIN method if you have a non-touchscreen Brother printer. These points will help you to locate the WPS PIN. 


  • Switch on your printer. 
  • Hit the menu button present on it. 
  • Now, use the arrow button to scroll and navigate to Network. 
  • Select ‘WLAN‘ and hit ‘OK.’
  • You will see an 8-digit code showing up. The printing machine will begin looking for an access point. 
  • In your PC’s browser, input ‘https://access.’ 
  • Navigate to the ‘WPS Setting‘ and input the PIN.
  • Now, adhere to the guidelines you see appearing on the screen. 
  • If you use Visa Windows, you must register the network beforehand. Tap the ‘Network‘ option and select the ‘Wireless mode.’
  • Now, select your printer. 
  • Input the 8-digit PIN and tap ‘Next.’
  • Select the network you want. If you notice ‘Connected‘ on the screen in front of you, it means your printer is linked automatically, and you can begin using the wireless network. 
  • If you see ‘Connection Failed‘ on the screen, you need to go through all these steps again. 


Where to find Brother Printer WPS PIN for touchscreen printer


To find WPS PIN on the Brother Touch screen printer, switch on your printing device first. Now, use these points.


  • Navigate to ‘Menu.’
  • Head over to ‘Network‘ and switch on WLAN.
  • Press to receive the WPS code from the arrow. You will find the 8-digit showing up. 
  • In the browser, type https://acess.
  • Now, head over to the WPS setting and type the PIN.
  • Adhere to the different prompts that show up. 
  • If you use a Windows Vista or Windows 7 computer as a registrar, tap the ‘Window‘ button.
  • Choose ‘Network.’ Now hit ‘Add a wireless device.’
  • Select your machine and tap ‘Next.’
  • Input the WPS PIN and tap ‘Next.’
  • Select the network you desire to link to and tap ‘Next.’
  • Now click ‘Close.’
  • When you see ‘Connected‘ showing on the screen, it means the printer is connected, and you can start using it.
  • But if a ‘Connection failed‘ message comes, you must repeat the points mentioned till now.


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Steps to Find WPS PIN for Brother MFC-J6910DW Printer


If you want to link your laptop to your Brother MFC-J6910DW printer, you can follow these points. You can also download the Network User’s Guide of Brother printer and find detailed instructions on page 20.


  • Firstly, hit ‘Menu.’
  • Now choose ‘Network.’
  • Locate and choose ‘WLAN.’
  • Now select ‘WPS w/PIN Code.’
  • You will see ‘Network I/F Switched to Wireless’ displayed on your screen.
  • Hit ‘OK.’
  • You will soon find the 8-digit WPS PIN for Brother printer on the LCD. 
  • The machine will commence looking for a WLAN access point or router. 


How to Locate the WPS PIN Brother printer on a dcp-L2540DW printer 


There isn’t any WPS PIN for this Brother printer model. You must possess a password to link your system or laptop to the Brother printing device. Here are the steps you should follow.


  • Press’ Menu‘ on your printer.
  • Now employ the Up or Down arrow keys. Using them, choose ‘Network.’
  • Now press ‘OK.’
  • Use the arrow keys to choose ‘Wi-Fi Direct.’
  • Hit ‘OK.’
  • Again using the arrow keys, choose ‘Group Owner‘ and then press ‘OK.’
  • Now, pick ‘On.’ Then press  ‘OK.’
  • Choose ‘Manual‘ utilizing the arrow keys. After that, hit ‘OK.’
  • You will see a statement about Wi-Fi Direct on appearing.
  • At this time, enable the Wi-Fi Direct network.
  • Your Brother printer will show the SSID name and password. It will display for two minutes. 
  • Jot down the name and credential in a place. It will be required later on.


How Should Windows Users Configure Their Wireless Printer Via the PIN Method


Windows users should switch on their system and must be signed in with administrator rights. You must also check that there are no apps running.


  • Put the CD-ROM into the CD-ROM Drive. 
  • You will see an opening screen appearing. 
  • Select the model of your printer and language. 
  • On the menu screen, tap the ‘Install printer driver‘ option. Ensure that you select the Install Printer Driver icon for your specific region.
  • After that, tap ‘Wireless network users.’
  • If you operate on Windows Vista, tap ‘Allow‘ when the interface of ‘User Account Control‘ shows up. 
  • Select ‘Driver Install Only.’ Then, tap ‘Next.’
  • In the window of ‘License Agreement,’ tap ‘Yes‘ to agree to the agreement. 
  • Pick ‘Standard installation.’ After that, click ‘Next.’
  • Select ‘Search the network for devices and choose from a list of discovered devices (Recommended).’
  • Alternatively, you can also input your printer’s IP address or Node name. 
  • Now, tap ‘Next.’
  • To find the node name and IP address of your printer, you can print out the printer setting page. 
  • Select your printing device and tap ‘Next.’
  • Tap ‘Refresh‘ if your printer takes over a minute to show on the list. 
  • Lastly, click ‘Finish.’
  • If you wish to register your product online, tap ‘On-Line Registration.’ But if you don’t want to set the printer as default, un-tick the ‘Set as default printer’ You have finished the setup. 


Wrapping up


Now you won’t face any problems finding the WPS PIN Brother printer. You know exactly how to find it on Brother Touch and non-touchscreen printer models. If you feel stuck in any other glitches, don’t feel shy connecting with a Brother technical support service.